7.15.12 Its mid July

Hi Readers and Friends:

I am not sure how to even begin this letter.  There is sooooo much going on right now as we speak behind the curtain of facade.  It is mind boggling.  What I do know is that if things unfold as it looks it may/is, then I do not believe we have a true blessing and a better society for it but a temporary blessing that may unravel the core of what we have been led to believe into some sort of organized chaos.

The powers that be are two fold – we all know that.  The good and the bad – the positive and the negative – the less loved and the loved.  It is the goal of each to see their purpose prevail.  

If we see this RV go down as it appears it may (Very shortly) then this event was FORCED and is not guided by the good PTB.  This of course means that we had better prepare and I cannot say that emphatically enough.  Do not be caught up in the euphoria of your windfalls but instead be asking what assets can I get this into.  We are going to feel a bump in the road.  

I am not sure that this motion can be stopped nor do I think that it needs to be stopped but that is my opinion.  Let the greedy bury themselves even more – it is their downfall.  I am trying to say something here and I hope you picked it up.  

I have one more overwhelming concern for the layperson in this venture and I am not sure that I am ready to share that.  It has been laying at the back of my mind for at least a year and I am sincerely concerned about it for you.  I am sorry I wont share it but I do not want to create a panic that may be unfounded but at the same time, I have told all to pick the morsels and weigh them with your spirit when it comes to articles.  It is a rule to always tell the sheeple what they are doing but they dont have to tell us straight out.  I see faint innuendos going on.  If I see a train wreck coming, I will try to tell you in advance.

Keep focused on life and what you would do without an RV.  This is the best way to live life and especially in these most uncertain times.

I Love my brothers and sisters (Thats you) and I have always only cared about informing you the best way I know how.  

Will Keep in touch here as things progress and are happening.


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