4.10.13 A little more Keenan

Hi Friends:

I am going to attach a link here to another site that has Keenan speaking about the “Doc” that trained me.  Below that, you will find Fulfords eulogy of Doc that I had posted before.  


I know personally that Doc had/was training/educating Keenan and Fulford.  I have been three wayed into Fulford with Doc.  I never did get to meet Keenan but Doc was always going to get us together one day.   I too concur the hours per day I spent on the phone being educated by Doc.  It is kind of funny though that even with all of Docs wisdom, I was to introduce 6th floor to him because even Doc did not who the real PTB’s were that own the real money of the world.  He died three days before that meeting was to happen.

Anyways, I find it amazing that our friends over at a site we all use do not believe in Fulford – he is the real deal I can vouche.  He may not have all the facts but he is doing his best to get the facts out as he sifts through all the garbage.

As for Kieth Scott, well words are best unsaid if you have nothing good to say and that is all I will say……

I miss my times with Doc….

Happy reading and read the comments too….


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