7.23.13 A Few Questions Answered…

Hey Friends:

I have received a few questions regarding yesterdays blog of Bix so I decided to post them here as a blog and answer them the best I can for those that asked and for others that thought about it more.  I apologize that I am not better about responding to questions but if you even saw my inbox for Sirratatap much less my personal box, there is just no way to respond to everything and try to stay with or on top of all that is happening behind the scenes.  I wish I had the time to explain a few things in great detail and it would help many to understand the plays going on but seriously, where does one even begin to start.  It took me years to get here and two mentors and I am still trying hard to grasp it all.  Mind boggling but real and much much bigger is the picture than this RV.

Here we go:


Saw this on Bix’s site. I’ve been pondering the ques. about where to CE, Wells Fargo v. Dealers. You know how one forum is pushing CE with a particular dealer. Sure would be nice to know if the 800# idea was valid and if the TRN was going to back our dinar. What about the VND? Same treatment? Thanks Sir!

Ratatap: I have to be honest and say that I personally am not doing either.  While I will exchange a little Dinar, it will be insignificant compared to what I will not exchange.  Everyone has to make up their minds what is best for them but I realize not everyone has high end banking experience to make good solid decisions.  Again how does one train people in a blog?  

I personally am not worried about the rise and fall of the Dinar value.  Is there money to made on that – sure if you know what you are doing.  But factor in taxes (If you believe you have to pay them and maybe they will change laws to make it mandatory – another topic) on your exchange even if you made more money on the swing, was it worth it? 

Big money people don’t pay taxes – they use loopholes.  If you are not worried that the Dinar will fall into its current status in the future, why cash it in or exchange it?  And if you want to be safe, exchange it for other currencies.  No taxes that way.  Now you might say you want to start a business or pay some debt  (Which if you watched Bix might be a bad idea under his analogy to pay debt) then borrow against your Dinar or Yuan or Pound.  You can do that.  IF then at worst case scenario you cant pay back the loan with your new business or from the interest off of your holdings, cash some in then.  

So back to the original question 800# or  Dealer – check out both and be sure to get with a qualified Tax Attorney for advise and make sure you have everything in writing with that attorney even your questions and his answers so you have it later if needed.  Same with Dealers.

As far as Treasury backing the accounts your Dinar exchanged funds are being put into – again get it in writing if so and what that does to protect you and your money – both IQD and VD.  I do feel more comfortable knowing China is involved with our Treasury even if that sounds odd to most people.  

Want you all to think seriously about something.  Do you not find it odd that Treasury is protecting your funds when the Feds will not/cannot – says a lot about something that no one wants to admit is coming.  We are in for change and people are being replaced – big people and big Trustees all around the world.  


I have been following you for years and found all your posts compelling and most of all driving deeper and new thought.

I have a couple further questions about the ramifications of the BIX video I would like to discuss with you directly –

1. Digital ramifications of currency revalue / cash in of other currencies [IQD] – Tony has brought this question forward at least twice in the last week on the calls when the whole UST/USF note discussion was discussed with no response –

2. Given the BIX observations would one not be advised to hold with NO conversion at this time to USD…

Please advise – Your feedback and thoughts are invited and greatly appreciated in this matter!!!

Ratatap:  I think that Tony knows more than he leads on but maybe he really does not believe that Treasury will be doing the printing again someday – and maybe it won’t.  The options for the FEDS to get in line are still or were still being discussed.  (The Fed Res was a test format whether people want to believe that or not as was Russia’s communism and China’s also)  Who is still standing and who is adjusting from the lessons of the other two?  And also remember at the top of it all is the real PTB that is trying to do what is right and get it back to right.  There were a couple or should I say many rogue Trustees out there and they are done….They got greedy and are being clipped.  

Back to it here…

I am as I stated in the first answer of the opinion hold em is best.  Please do not do as I do because I do it – that is a sheeple mentality.  Please do your research and consult your personal attorney’s and accountants.   At the end of the day, we all know Iraq is/will be a debt free nation.   That along with some others is a great place to have currencies from – in my opinion.  You can borrow against any currency to do business and some currencies cost nothing to borrow if you know what your doing.


Thanx for your posted observations. Your communication has been challenging, encouraging, and more difficult to dispute than to support. Thank You.

After viewing the BIX Link provided I was left with two immediate thoughts/questions I would appreciate your feedback –

1. Would the BIX observations expressed in the link not suggest one might be well served to “hold” alternate currency such as the IQD?

2. Would you speak to all the different discussion regarding the cashing out / converting the IQD to UST notes – additionally what the significance of that distinction in a digital format which is a question that Tony asks publicly on at least two of his calls in the last couple weeks when this discussion is brought forward –

I have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts over the years and I am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in the future!!!

Ratatap:  I think I might have answered most of this above but again I am going to hold most, exchange little and spend interest.  As far as UST notes, Tony is saying that WF is going to put the money into an account that will be backed by the UST not the Federal Reserve or FDIC (FDIC what a joke).  The UST has the backing to do this and it is not that of the Fed Res.  Now how this will actually happen – the issuing of the UST backed certificate of your holdings (not physical dollar bills), I have yet to see that play out but believe it possible under the current arrangements behind the scenes.   Sometimes I learn as you do as we go but some dots come together for me maybe quicker than most because of 6th floor.  Sixth floor IS accounting for all of this.


* If we buy Gold and then it plummets how do we get out of it before it plummets and how would we know right before to do so? My thoughts are if I had any real extra money, the thing to buy right now would be supplies, gas to store short term, food, tent, water, tools, weapons etc. I really enjoy your posts and friendship.

Ratatap:  I was once told by a mentor not to play the markets.  97% of the markets are owned by 3% of the people.  As Bix was saying, they rig the markets.  What will be unique about this metal ride is we will drive it when/if it actually happens.  But Gold does not hold a value when paper is considered safe.  How long will it take for us Sheeple to forget what happened and we sell it back off – who knows but we seem to forget faster and faster every event.  I was also told once by a good trusted friend that if you are going to ride that ride than be happy with 10% and get off – he has never lost money and he is worth a ton of money with that thought pattern.  Think it was Bix that even said he did not know how long it would be up and that would depend on areas also so be wise and not greedy.  The answers are always inside you if you ask and if you listen too 🙂   

I agree to stock up on necessities.  Most things preserve well and I do not think this is going to be a long ride either.  It will be a short interim.  You can bet there will be plenty at my home for all 8 kids and their spouses and Grandkids too.

Hope this helps some and again, I am sorry I cannot take the time to do a board or a forum or even CC’s.  I just dont have the time.  Watch the blog and the people I put up there.  Not all of it is fact but it is more on target than main stream media.  I know where they get some of there information 🙂

Train is coming – know it!  Just kicking off a few more James and Youngers if you know what I mean….


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