12.24.13 Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays

Good Day my Readers:

I want to start by saying congratulations to all that hung in there on our impending RV.  We should see it before the end of this year but that does not dismiss all the disappointment we had numerous times throughout the year – but then again maybe it will 🙂   There has been so many things going on behind the scenes that  cant be talked about and some that has been talked about to my amazement.  This is good because it truly means people are getting more inspired to reveal truth and truth shall set us all free.

I know Tony has his stance on certain aspects of what is to come but what is to come is coming – it is a reckoning – a correcting of the balance of things.  Anyway, it makes me happy…..

Shift in gears, I was at a Bitcoin meeting last evening in MPLS/St Paul and it was really good.  I got to meet one of the owners of ZeroBlock which is a the first cross-platform real time Bitcoin market data and aggregated news feed.  You can see it here:  http://www.zeroblock.com/   He was a young buck but had some great ideas and liked what I am trying to get together.    Met some other people deep into the mining of Bitcoin and others in the promotion of it and still others getting involved with the vending machine end of it.  I believe there is a strong movement in the twin cities area for Bitcoin.  It is just educating the masses the “why” of Bitcoin.   When you understand it – you will embrace it.  (A money that we the people of the world give value to – not government – they can only try to take it away)

I want to thank all of you readers for following my blog.  It means a lot to me to see the truth getting out and also seeing the peoples seeking the truth.  As I have stated many times, not all on this blog is truth but it is closer to it than most media outlets about the levels above governments.  May truth reveal itself as we seek it.

In Fulfords post you will see that the Christ was not born on December 25th.  Many do not know this as fact either but if your Priest, Pastor, Teacher or other spiritual leader will be honest with you, they will admit the same.  Since the actual date is not specifically known but believed to be in Spring, most accept the 25th as the day to celebrate Christs birth.  On that note, Christ was not a material man so remember that as we go into the holidays.   Some have nothing to give – you don’t have to.  Your heart should just want to so check the heart but do not let it be burdened by not being able to give as God sees the heart.

May you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and may you make them for another by showing your LOVE towards them.  God Bless..

Ratatap   XOXOXO

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  1. Solstice is really a universal holiday, one that can Unite all Humans, because without it, Life would be very different in a negative way on Earth. Everyone can celebrate these facts either from a simple scientific appreciation, or from gratitude at the Intelligence Design of the Deity that arranged it.

    The following is from an article about solstice/tilt of the earth’s axis:
    “When a Mars-size object collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago, it knocked off a chunk that would become the moon. It also tilted Earth sideways a bit, so that our planet now orbits the sun on a slant. Those were two huge changes. Now, over the course of the year, the amount of sunlight striking the Northern and Southern hemispheres varies as they wobble back and forth — first the Southern Hemisphere leaning sunward, then the Northern. This cycle drives Earth’s seasonal variation. (The Moon is also responsible for slowing down Earth’s rotation to our 24 hour day — otherwise it’s been calculated that Earth would be rotating around 12-15 hours per day, which would affect all kinds of plant, animal, and insect life, I presume by suppressing its growth because the time to grow would be reduced, hence stunted.)

    It’s a lucky thing, too. Without Earth’s tilt, humanity would be in a sorry state.
    Scientists think an Earth without a tilt would be stratified into climate bands that would get progressively colder as you moved away from the equator. Humans would never survive the continuous winter of the high latitudes, and so we would likely congregate in the planet’s tropical midsection. Fortunately, as things are, Earth’s tropical zones tend to have minimal temperature and day-length variability over the course of the year, and so these regions can serve as archetypes for what a seasonless Earth might be like.

    What’s the forecast?

    If the habitable world were a humid tropical zone like the rain forests of the Congo, unrelenting rainfall would quickly erode soil in any areas cleared for farming, and would leach nutrients down below root level, swiftly rendering tilled land infertile for crops.

    “The result is that humans (so far) can only live with low population densities supported by shifting agriculture, or something like it, in most of the humid lowland tropics,” Attwood told Life’s Little Mysteries. “Low population density and low agricultural productivity result in small, scattered settlements. The amenities of modern civilization cannot be built on such a foundation.”

    On top of our problems with agriculture, humans would also be plagued by disease pathogens, which thrive in warm, humid environments. “Winter protects much of the world’s population from tropical insects (which carry deadly diseases) and a long, nasty list of tropical diseases of humans, crops and livestock. HIV is one virus that has escaped its tropical forest home. Many others, like the Ebola virus, are waiting for their chance,” Attwood said. “Human mortality and morbidity rates (due directly to disease and indirectly to hunger) would go through the roof.” [10 Species Our Population Explosion Will Likely Kill Off]

    If, on the other hand, Earth were unwaveringly warm and dry like the Arabian Peninsula, our species would be even worse off, or extinct. “As should be evident, the arid tropics have even less potential for supporting large, complex societies,”
    Aside from its role in stifling the growth of deadly pathogens and their insect carriers, winter has been vital for human development in many other ways. First off, wheat grows only where there are cool or cold winters. “That’s a vital invention that helps feed the world,” Attwood said. Other essential food crops, including corn (maize), potatoes, oats and barley, also grow better where there are cool or cold winters.”

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