3.5.14 Sorry for the silence…

Good Afternoon Friends:

I am sorry I have not been posting for the past week and a half.  My computer failed once again (4th hard drive now) and I am lost without it.  Now I know I can go use a friends or go to the library but I do not think anyone is going to die waiting for some reports.  Albeit, I like the reports also as it keeps us posted as to events that affect the whole, we are mostly powerless to do much about it anyway.  While I do have a smart phone, as most know, it is not very efficient to try to copy and paste to a blog with a smart phone.

Anyway, this is my formal apology and yes, I am going to look for another computer….Thanks for understanding.


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  1. You are always greatly appreciated… from a “long-lost-friend” of the boards, Wendy. Praying for many blessings and much favor for you and your family!

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