By Neil Keenan and the Keenan Team

A9sfCsCCcAAyV9f.jpg largeThis could be considered an update, but it’s a little different than usual. I noticed a post that had gone up on my site, from what I understand quite by accident, stating that Karen Hudes is a cabal shill. It was not written or approved by me. It was a draft written by a team member which was mistakenly posted before it was reviewed and approved by myself, which is required for all posts on my site.  The post itself most likely would have never have reached you. But it did. It was only up for a few minutes and it went viral!  Ms. Hudes responded to it saying that there was no proof of her being a cabal shill but that she has taken a lot of flack from me. It is her use of the word “flack” that I disagree with.

When I heard I was giving her flack, I thought immediately of Roberta Flack, but upon reading her response to the inadvertent post of this draft, I understood that this flack had nothing to do with Roberta. In fact, Ms. Hudes has been a fraud and con from the moment she left the World Bank. Some call this being a shill, others label it something else.  Whatever the label, the irrefutable fact about Ms. Hudes is that she is a disgrace to this planet and its people.

Now let me explain the “flack” that Ms. Hudes has taken from me, because it needs to be understood for what it really was – rage. Being who and what she is, I do not believe that Ms. Hudes has any right to criticize anyone. She has gone after so many good people that one loses count. She claims to be a whistleblower, however, from the very beginning this woman has come to us with deceit in her black heart.

Ah, but do not take this Irish man the wrong way. I am far from perfect, but I do give to you what I get because I believe in my heart that all of you have a right to know what is really happening in the world to which I have access. Following the wrong person hurts us all. Anyone buying into the disinformation and outright lies of Ms. Hudes will find themselves in a state of perpetual confusion.

Soon after being fired by the World Bank, Karen “the-bouncing-ball” Hudes was claiming there was no gold in Asia, which was in complete contradiction to her earlier claims that the Dragon Family owned eighty percent or more of the World Bank assets.  Furthermore, she stated that she never worked with me when, in fact, not only did she request my assistance with the Dragon Family, I also introduced her to some of my associates, including Count Albert. Having been barred from entry by World Bank security after her dismissal, the Dragon Family was going to get those doors reopened for her. Instead, she brazenly went behind my back with the Family and attempted to cut me out. After that, the Dragon Family would have nothing to do with Karen Hudes, and the World Bank doors remain barred to her.

Ms. Hudes could not even contain herself at the outset of our acquaintance, quickly devolving a conversation with Jean Haines into a one-way screaming match, where Ms. Hudes attempted to intimidate and bully Jean until I intervened to put a stop to this perplexing personal abuse. Hearing Karen become completely unhinged for no reason lead me to the conclusion that she was not someone with whom we could continue to be involved. There were other clues too. Karen claims that Ferdinand Marcos was M1, the controller and signatory for the Global Account assets; and that he had the authority to designate Global Account signatories and controllers of Global Account assets after his death. Ferdinand Marcos was President of the Philippines and died in 1989.  The West designated him M1 during his lifetime.  He was not elected by the stakeholder nations.  And he certainly never had authority to designate signatories and controllers upon his death.  Indonesian President Sukarno was the only duly elected M1.

Among the many arenas that Ms. Hudes has strayed into was the global reset. How could she discuss a global reset excluding the Dragon Family when she herself stated that eighty percent of the Global Account assets were Dragon Family deposits, including those of the World Bank? The deposits have been stolen and used by the West for more than 100 years. The Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 was an outright theft that landed us in the position we are in today. But the tide has changed, and as I stated more than two years ago, the East needs to create their own financial system and rid themselves of the Zionist/Nazi/Khazarian bastards who have usurped power from the Western peoples.

In an interview with Kerry Cassidy on August 2, 2013, Bix Weir, a business blogger, states “all debts will be forgiven.” Sure, Bix, the West steals and walks away after so much damage not only to the East but also to mankind. Did you ask the depositors of the Global Assets if they would forgive the West? Of course not — business as usual! In Bix’s interview Hudes states, “I recommend that we need a currency that is backed by precious metals or some other valuable commodity.” Where has Karen been, in a bunker? Global Accounts’ gold has backed most currencies on the face of this planet for more than 70 years, albeit through much theft and the misappropriated collateral use by the West.

In a Karen Hudes’ update of October 3, 2013, she claims that the Monaco Accords of August, 2011, was nothing but a money grab to gain control over Global Account gold. Since I was there, I can state that this meeting had nothing to do with gold and everything to do with the East severing financial ties with the West. No one from the West was invited to this meeting because the sole purpose was to discuss plans for leaving the West on its own and the evolution of a new financial system for the East. The Eastern financial system is evolving now with the building of their own new “IMF.” How could this meeting conceivably be a power grab when the funds were stolen from the East and they wanted their assets unmolested NOW?

Ben Fulford was courting a half million dollars in fees from third parties for an interview with Hudes, a clever ploy that received a great deal of publicity.  When questioning Hudes, Fulford feigned ignorance about the 2011 Monaco Accordsto draw her out into a trap set by her own deceit. She admitted that she was only repeating hearsay about the Monaco Accords’ agenda.  Apparently she thinks nothing of representing hearsay as fact, while I was there (eyewitness Jean Paul’s comment of 9/23/13 @ 7:38 a.m.) and my information is direct, confirmed by the stakeholders of the Global Accounts themselves and corroborated by other leaders in power and in the know.

No gold in Asia? No gold in Indonesia? No, Karen, there are enormous stockpiles of gold there.  It was there when you said it didn’t exist, and it remained there after you claimed to have “found it” in China. This is precisely what John Kerry was after during all of his visits there. When he was told “no” by the Indonesian President, Kerry then made the statement that the US has new technological weather devices that could put Jakarta underwater in minutes. This threat and public confirmation of HAARP was not meant just for Indonesia, but was a threat to the entire world. Hudes then pivoted her assertion stating it is the Vatican that is holding on to the gold, not Asia.

Prior to our post on the German Government’s demand of the US to return 300 metric tonnes of “their” gold, Ms. Hudes joined the Germans in clamoring for its return.  After our post Karen hopped on our bandwagon, pivoting her position yet again, and agreeing that the German Government has no standing to demand gold in US possession after their colossal gold theft leading up to WWII.

The East entrusted the West twice to do the right thing with the Global Accounts, and the West failed.  Now the cat is out of the bag. There is no way the Zionists will continue with their control — it is over with. The Bretton Woods Agreement has long since been exposed and will not be renewed. The fact is that with its own financial system being put in place, the East will use what belongs to them to strengthen their nations. Do not get me wrong here — they will give funds directly to established foundations to assist the West. These funds will not go into the hands of the cabal or their puppet politicians again. The glory days of the Zionist are over. We have had a century of fraud, robbery, and bloodshed as their bequest to the world, and now it subsides. The American People and the people of the West are welcome to place their funds in the Bank of China, (I believe there are branches in New York and Los Angeles where deposits are held in yuan and debit cards are available for daily needs) seeing that the US dollar possibly might not survive the Zionists’ greed and recklessness. This option might be a way out for individuals, as well protecting assets through physical gold and silver holdings.

Finally, Karen Hudes has recently been talking about aliens, and Peru and the Parallel or Nazca Lines. This is something I know about but it is no new discovery. Let’s digress a bit. If you are not familiar with the Ica Desert in Peru, you’ll find that there is a trident etched into the desert pointing the way to the Nazca Lines. It cannot be seen on the ground but only from the sky.

Peru has many mysterious sites, one of which is Machu Picchu, a city built with large stones and located high in the jungle mountains.   Briefly, the stones that were used weigh two tons or more and fit together precisely with absolutely no space between them. Imagine moving two-ton rocks 15,000 feet high into the mountains. This was the home of the Incas, with the city of Cusco nearby. (“Cusco” means belly button in the Incan Empire). How did they ever build such a city as Machu Picchu? Men with llamas? No way!

Long before Karen Hudes appeared on the scene, the actress Shirley MacLaine brought much attention to Peru and its mystical sites. She claimed they were visited by aliens. The inside of some Incan tombs substantiate flying objects in the skies with strange beings on the ground. A search on the internet will provide much information on these sites. So now Karen Hudes has announced the discovery of a second species on the planet “distinct from homo sapiens” who are hiding in the Vatican. I leave it to the reader what to make of this.

Add to this that Karen had earlier embarrassed herself with preposterous conclusions that the comet ISON was actually the planet Nibiru and was going to cause electromagnetic catastrophes on Earth, and that the Chinese army was going to enforce Obama’s martial law on American soil back in the spring of 2013.  Please, Karen. Get a hold of yourself!

The glaring question here is why this former World Bank lawyer would claim to be a whistleblower who wants to help free humanity? She has put out misinformation on everything from the Global Accounts, to world finance, to gold being returned to people who don’t own it, and has attacked both the Vatican and anti-Vatican activists, as well as sincere human liberty activists everywhere. And now aliens? She openly admits to repeating hearsay, switches positions on her assertions and has the audacity to slander what other sincere people are doing for humanity. For those who are interested, there are many factual exposés on the internet about her background and associations, the World Bank work of her husband, Barry Spergel, and their ties to the Rothschilds, all of which make it clear that she does not have humanity’s best interests at heart, such as here, andhere, and here, and here.

Some have suggested that Hudes is the victim of MK Ultra mind control. This would certainly explain her schizophrenic statements, obnoxious behavior and her true situation. If this is the case, she is to be pitied but hardly excused from what she’s doing. Blowing the whistle on her handlers and cease speaking to the public can be the only humanitarian things for her to do now.

The bottom line is that Karen Hudes is nobody. If there are those who choose to see her as a brave whistleblower out to save humanity, then they are falling into an obvious trap. I have not heard from her in some time and I consider that a blessing. As you will surmise from what I have said here, I have not given her any flack. What I did have for her is rage: rage for her engaging in a campaign to deliberately mislead people while posing as a humanitarian whistleblower, ragethat she would dare to criticize and slander other good people in our liberty community while posturing herself with self-righteous importance and credibility simply because she is a lawyer, rage with her deceit, lies and complete lack of morality.

But after going over the entire list of Karen Hudes’ shenanigans, I’ve now decided that I no longer even feel the rage. I have forgiven her because she is a …



This will be my last time addressing the notorious Ms. Hudes, one of Zionist’s own – but surely not one of its brightest.

Now let me give you a quick insight as to what is happening in the world today with the information I have. The Asian and Russian nations are now being joined by the Caribbean nations who have reached out and requested that they also be allowed to join the NO FLY ZONE accords. Is it possible we can box the bad guys into one place with nowhere to hide?

Bear in mind that this has nothing to do with you, but with them. It will assist anyone who would need to enter the US to track them down. But I have to make sure it does not hurt any of you, as in the case of your being on a flight along with blacklisted individuals, which now number over 600. As for the NO FLY ZONE accord itself, it is still being worked out with the various parties that are joining it, or will be impacted by it. This is not as simple as one would think, but once completed it will have an immense global effect. I am working hard to see that everything I do is timely.

Thanks go to all of you for your support.

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