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11.29.12 About Poofs Interview

Good Day My Readers:

I am addressing the Poof interview as I have just finished listening to it myself.  I had posted it before even listening to it and that is alright but I want to address certain issues.

1) I never put full trust in anything except what my spirit tells me is truth and even then, I leave myself open for change because things change.

2) I have stated many times on this blog that you have to pick out the morsels of truth that comes from the ones I do post.  I do not believe any one or anyone of them to be 100% accurate – no one human can be – it is not in us to see the whole picture and even our messengers I post are getting it from somewhere else.

with that said:

3) I know for fact that the Dragons are not at the top of the heap.  They are involved and have a very instrumental role in carrying out certain tasks given them.  They are in control of assets  and oversee other assets but even they are “Trustees” of these assets.  No different than when Poof said the Rothschild’s knew what they had to do when they got the call.  Dragons got a call and they are acting out their role.

4) Neil Keenan is not the Trustee of the assets he is trying to redeem.  Doc VanDeMeer (My past mentor) was working directly with him advising him as to what to do and yes he did go his own way at one time but found it not the correct way.  I do not have the privileged info as to the status of that situation since Doc has passed away.  It was my understanding from another source that those bonds would not be monetized at this time due to the fact the ownership was in question and the financial system switch over was the only way the bonds could be redeemed if they were to be redeemed.  There is a long story to this one – again not sure that Poof has his facts straight on this one.

5) I agree that Ben Fulford who I have spoken with does not have his facts 100% right all the time but then which one of us can say we do either.  I still give this man a lot of my ear because like Poof, there are morsels of truth that if you are paying attention and placing the dots, you can put two and two together.

6) When it comes to Obama, he was given an ultimatum and he chose right.  Now we see if he performs as he is supposed to.  I have never been a fan of his and it certainly is not because of his color but I am not here to go into the “Obama” issue.  I am glad he has chosen to do the right thing for “We the People”.

To make clear here, I am not bashing Poof.  I post Poof because he does have some good stuff.  I will have to reaffirm that transfer of Trillions of dollars because last I heard which was back about the time of this interview, those were to transfer but did not actually make it due to some “Interference”.  So again, everything is obviously moving the right direction for us and for those involved for the RV.  The world will be a better place very soon.  I am sorry I have not blogged lately but many things going on and many fires to keep on top of.

Keep the Faith my Friends…..