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11.30.12 Follow up to Poof

Hello Again Readers:

Again so fast some of you might say but I wanted to show you all something.  I am going to post a Wendy/Casper response to the Poof interview and then I will talk about it.

The Wendy/Casper Email to their list of people:

It is amazing and appalling the levels of B.S. certain messengers will stoop to in order to keep their ‘cash flow’ flowing.

The audio/video put out by Poof last night and subsequently removed this morning was/is, according to all our sources,—-PURE UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT—and this includes Intel from ‘The Dragons’ to whom we speak.

He was paid $50.00 for this particular thanksgiving helping of bullshit.

Why do you suppose he was ordered to take it down? And his ‘add on’ comment this morning about integrity?

What a joke.

The joke is on you, those of you who have been paying him for his weekly helping of bullshit.

There is no integrity whatsoever to be found from this ‘source’. Have you not learned that by now?

How many weeks, months and years of lies must you be fed for a fee before you are able to observe the obvious?

$350T was NOT moved into the U.S. as he states. All funds/accounts were then and are now—frozen.

The Cabal sometimes plays games by moving digits on the computers but nothing can be accessed, thank goodness, or it would have been stolen long ago.

Our sources continue to report that Obama continues to block deliveries just as he has been doing for the last four years just as WE have reported for four long years.

During this time you have been told ‘the time is now’ every week.

How has that worked out for you?

WE are dealing with a variety of personal and family health issues right now and therefore not writing as much as before.

Hopefully WE will get back to ‘normal’ soon and when that happens there will be no invoice attached to the updates.

                           Casper   11-30-12  

PS:  Please keep Casper and his family in your prayers, as they are dealing with a myriad of family and health issues. 

Many people in our ‘group’ are also having financial issues.   Let’s Lift each other in Spirit—if we all just take a moment to Give Thought and Prayer for each other…..imagine what that Positive Energy Wave will do!

So, take a minute..and Lift in prayer…each of us..One to the Next, with Love and Compassion.


I usually do not get involved with mudslinging and actually am not here either.  My point in putting this up here is that we must keep an open mind at all times and then YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE INFORMATION YOU READ RESONATE WITH YOUR SOUL.

What caught my attention was the 350 Trillion I spoke about.  I know that Casper is not where I recieved that information and this would only confirm what I was told back in October about those funds.   But at the same token as I have stated, do not hold anyones tidbits as absolute truth.  

Now another thing that does not set well with me is that actual mudslinging.  I was surprised that Wendy (Wendy and Casper are not one and the same but are very good friends) even gave a response.  People, to discern truth, look for pure Love.  Truth is Love.  What is Love?  If you do not know then go read Corinthians 13 and now apply that to your messengers and their information.  Now I am not perfect either but I sure try to practice this at all times and please forgive me for my innuendo of Obama.  Casper also addressed that and yes – we will see if he does what he is supposed to.

With that said, do not be discouraged by these conflicts of interest in opinions – just weigh them all and let your Soul speak to you.  All is as it is meant to be for our lessons in life….This is a fine example of a Discernment Lesson.