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11.4.13 Tony has a new Forum

Go to like normal and click top right button “Tnt Forum” like before, then click left blue button “Tnt Forum” and you will need to register for the new forum.  It is up and live now with a Tony blast that I have below:

11.4.13 evening:

Tony Blast Tonight
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Ok guys, the word now is that the mission was accomplished and the broadcast ( by Maliki) has been made.  The only problem right now is we don’t know if it meets the requirements yet. I am hearing positive things at the moment, but the final decision has not been made yet.  We should be hearing something about this later tonight. 

Once the decision is final, we will receive our window to look for the beginning of your new life.

That’s it, there is not a lot to say and everything else that needs to be done has been done……..blankstare

We will have our regularly scheduled call tomorrow and by that time, we should be at the bank or know when we are going.

Enjoy the rest of your night.