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12.31.12 New Years Eve…A New Beginning.

Dear Readers:

It has been an action packed long year.  On the same token, I have not witnessed a year that went by so fast.  They say when your busy the time goes by much quicker.  I believe it so.

I had heard a cute little joke over Christmas that reminded me of this year:  Why is Santa always smiling?  Because he knows where all the bad girls live.  That joke reminds me of the fact that the sinister type and I could not even begin to name all the people or groups but non the less, they have all been watched for a long long time.  Nothing has been left to chance and as we have seen over the past year, the house cleaning has been taking place for a while now.

I have left all my personal blogs and opinions up for viewing and reviewing.  I do not think there is much off in any aspect.   Where others have thought that some of my opinions and postings such as Fulford, Casper, Poof and others have been far fetched, we now see most of what these guys have reported is spot on.  From the banking sector to plots gone wrong or exposed and stopped.  From Global Settlements to the institution of a backed banking system.  I have been unmoveable about the fact that most of this has been true and time has and will prove all.

I have posted these guys because my mentors told me to watch them – since then I have been privileged to be introduced to them and talk to most of them and even know where they get some of their info.  They are the guys with the balls to be out front on the battle line for sure.

As we approach the New Year, there will be many a changes.  We will have to change our thought patterns and adjust to some facts that might not set well with our traditions.  I have already made my adjustments to some of that info that is coming your way and it rocked my foundation.  I think the main thing to remember is we only know what we were taught and we cannot fault those that raised us or taught us with good intent not knowing the facts are off.  Just be open to change and know your hearts and souls – not religions. ( I believe in God – not religion for the record – two different things)

As far as our evasive yet imminent RV goes, we are right there.  Do not loose hope nor get caught up in the moment to moment events surrounding the RV.  It is much bigger than Iraq and no Iraq is not nor has it ever been the hold up – Iraq is an orchestrated side show for the biggest event in our life times.  It is showtime and the stage is set.  From China to Europe – from little banks to the Big Bank (Wells Fargo) from players like the World Court to messengers like Neil Keenan – it has all been orchestrated and well planned.

I know many want to know more and I do get your emails and questions.  At the end of the day, I do not even know how to reply because it has taken years for me to get to here and to understand the players and plays – how do I begin to answer a question via email that may have to go back literally 14,000 years to explain?  How does one explain a dream?  How does one teach about the ego to another ego?  Some get a response once in a while – others got a phone call – still others I am left speechless as to how to explain in short order.

In the end, if you want to take anything that has any meaning from Ratatap, remember there are three things and all the rest does not matter.  There is your Spirit – Nothing and I mean Nothing can hurt or affect your Spirit – your true Spirit.  Like the Holy Spirit, it cannot be harmed or damaged or even phased by anything.  It is as I am is I am.  You are Spirit so nothing can touch that.

Your Mind is the second devise and I worded that correctly – devise.  It is the control center and most do not know how to run that computer nor even know that they can.  The mind is “ALL” Ego.  But it really is nothing – powerless – meaningless but a manipulative devise.  Recognize it – Conquer it and control it and you will find Heaven on Earth else the same devise can make it Hell on Earth.   This topic alone is my passion as I work with people.  As a Reiki Master that has helped heal many of all ail ments, this is my focus.  What is off physically is off Spiritually.  Find the core problem in the Ego and you purge the Computer of the virus.

Your Body is last piece but in essence is the means by which the Spirit or the Ego acts out.  It is nothing without the mind but as we all know can be kept alive by machines without the mind.  The mind on the other hand can not exist by itself – it is the dream.  The body cannot do anything without direction even as much as that  life support machine.  It is our sideshow that the ego/mind makes responsible for the minds/egos thoughts wants and desires.  As stated before, control the Ego and let the Spirit take over and you will have found Heaven on Earth.

Now you might ask why the heck all the heady talk?  It is because as we enter into 2013, you will need to know these three things you possess.  The RV is a tool for learning something.  Your body is going to react to the RV as your control center dictates.  Do you want Maliki or your God to dictate?  There have been lists made of the things to do first.  I think the recognition of our egos is priority number one.  The Spirit will guide us but we have to be able to hear it.

Enough of the preaching.  I care for all of you.  I care for each email sent to me.  I know where you are by the questions you ask – sometimes I am asking the same type of questions but briefly until I let the Spirit “BE” and fall back on course.  Our Spirit can answer any question we ask but we have to stop and listen – it is how I sift all the information coming my way.

We will talk real soon.  Be wise with your RV.  Be wise with your actions.  Be there for those less fortunate – there is many. Remember where you came from and help those behind your walk.

Everything is as it should be and everything is on course and everything is about to happen.

Cheers/Namaste and have a Happy New Year my Friends……..