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2.11.13 How close is close?

Good Evening friends:

I had the chance to listen to a call today done by a man I have grown to appreciate.  If you are part of the PTR group, you know this to be an ABE – friend of Gary’s.

In today’s call, Abe taught in general how to disseminate information and process it.  If I could post the link here I would but that would be in violation of protocols of PTR and I am forth-rite and will not dishonor myself by posting it.   My first mentor shared with me almost verbatim to Abe how to read the FT Times and Wall Street Journal and other business journals and News Channels used by the elite to inform us, albeit at times so convoluted that the layman misses it.   This is done on purpose.  I have stated before that it is within their protocols to have to tell us what is going on or going to happen -even if clandestine.  There is morsels of truth in everything.

While I do not know Abe or even Gary’s Friend Doc’s true contacts or involvement on high banking levels, it is obvious they deal in a level above the layperson.  They do seem to have an understanding on a certain level of this situation.

What I have never heard from any of them is what is really happening.  Now how would Ratatap know that?  No I don’t work in the Treasury or any three letter agency or have a background in staged government takeovers or been apart of them.  I simply know or have known certain individuals based solely on God arranged circumstances and then liked for my personal integrity.  Do I have skeletons – yes – but those with the where with all to know who -what and why behind those mother loads will over look them.

Anyway, I have never come on here to toot my horn or to make a profit or to persuade anyone (Just like Abe said).  I share truths and you can take them or leave them.

With that, I will share a little more facts for you to chew on.  The reason for the delays have been assets.  We all know that the new system will be backed by assets.  Well we all know that we are not waiting for them to be mined – melted and then coined.  In other words, we are going to be using assets either already physically here or irrefutably documented as legit by each country.  So what is taking so long?

It is the assets that have been in storage (Or thought to be) in certain areas around the world.  They are being and have been being moved about to their new and or legitimate owners and/or new Trustees.  This has been happening for the past few years actually but the last of it had to be taken out of the hands of those that thought they owned it when in fact they were only trustees of it.

History has proven time and again that money does not go away, it simply changes hands.  While some believe that possession is 9/10th law, the other tenth overrides the 9 and some have found that hard in the end.

All banking is fractional as we all should know.  So in short, a bank has to have at least 10% (Rounding here) to even function by law.  Well if someone were to pull out of the bank their share of bonified money and laid claim to it, the house of cards can and will and has come tumbling down.  Someone my friends has done exactly that.  Remember when Laymans collapsed?  Someone pulled a lot of money out in a single day to make a point.  How about Wachovia – same deal only someone helped WF to take it over in a single night with no fuse from anyone – why – someone moved their funds from Wachovia to WF and WF was the only one big enough to take it on then so Wachovia wouldn’t fail.  This is how the real game is played.  Again, someone has pulled the card on the Federal Reserve this same way.

So at many levels, the people giving intel are correct from their angle but their is always someone bigger – always and good shall prevail.

Word is 6th floor has signed off.  Does that mean we are going to RV tomorrow – I don’t know.  I do not know who is above 6th floor or who pushes the button but it is my belief we are right there.  I have known all along it could not happen until 6th floor did their part of the process.  Assets have been moved – banks have been brought to their knees in submission – Basel 3 is being implemented and some of the largest institutions thought to be holier than thoughs have had a cleaning too.

I am hopeful now that we will see our faith embraced by action.  Hang in there my friends and as Poof would say, watch it unfold now.


P.S. On behalf Tony (PTR) I think this man is a stand up guy.  I have witnessed this guy take the heat from many including those he calls friends and stand tall without malice or discontent or even a bad word to what is a close friend of his.  I am a forgiving person and can overlook many a faults but Tony does it week after week.  He turns his cheek to the onslaught of a partner and a host of followers on PTR.  Tony, I obviously know most of what is told us (AS YOU STATE EVERY-TIME – THIS IS WHAT I AM HEARING) is rumor or not even close to truth but there is a group of us that simply like your hopium and love your unending optimism   For that Tony, we love you brother.  Would love to meet you some time.

Gary, I love your diplomatic stance and unending knowledge for certain specifics.  I wish I had your memory.  We too shall meet and share a story or two.

Dan, thanks for starting the site.  It is my home for Dinar Guru ground level intel of all sorts – confirmed or not!!!!  Maybe work on your delivery or read How to win friends and influence people and more people might like you.  It’s not what you say – we all appreciate that but it is all about how you say it!!!!!

People, I don’t get to know specifics from 6th floor.  I guess I don’t have that clearance level so I have to match what is coming from all angles and see how it ties to 6th floor.  6th floor said it would be 2013 and I guess they were not wrong even back when PTR (All of them including Dan) was saying not so back in June of last year.  6th floor has signed off their part so now we see what happens.  Be Cheerful, I think we are Real Close!!!!!