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3.2.15 Request

Hi Friends:  No I am not dead – and no I have not exchanged and went off to some island – I wish. I have been studying about the PTB’s very diligently since my last post.  Remember I said I was enlightened, well now that I am “Aware” of who they really are, it makes boring reading much more necessary – they don’t want you to understand so history is boring but essential to understand the now. Anyway, still doing that and am currently 1100 pages into a 1800 page history lesson that is a total wake up for even me. I will say this my friends, anyone thinking that with BRICs (Tainted already) or Basel 3 or transparency things have changed or are changing the system, you need a wake up call.  Its true to some extent that these things are changing but is it for the good – that is what they want you to think.  Banks are not any more secure and the fundamentals of banking are this: We are still a fractional fiat banking system with 10% now backed by asset currency/fiat paper.  A pittance to make it appear things are good especially when they keep saying we are going to asset backed like it is ALL asset backed. Casper wrote this in his last post: New  ‘Bail-in’ banking laws now in place in G-20 countries. As it occurred in three consecutive steps over six month period it appears to be something they intend to use. His statement makes sense otherwise why waste time getting it all in order before said RI/RV.  By the way, if we do RI/RV soon, then know this, it is not the GCR the good PTB are talking about.  Sure it will adjust certain currencies but it IS NOT the GCR that makes a difference for the little guy and you know this by the fact the little guy gets nothing from this RI/RV event.  PAY ATTENTION TO THAT PART because if it is true so is Caspers summation about why they thought they needed to take time to slide in the new Bail-in banking laws behind the scenes.  The GCR by the good PTB will change everything for the little clueless guy too. Please please study right now where to put your money after this event.  It is paramount if you want to keep it.  No I do not give advice on that but unlike the gurus thoughts out there, the dollar is going to get hit and harder than 3-5% like they claim – FACT – PREPARE FOR IT! Sorry for the long lage in posts – not sure why I even do them now but I had to do this one to once again warn you. Last but not least, I have a close friend and have posted before about him and the MSM case that is facing such a huge legal challenge.   It could mean 37 years in prison if justice is not attained.  I am asking each of you to take 1 minute to sign an electronic petition at for his cause.  I would not ask if the case did not have merit but this is essential for all of us.  The case ultimately will decide whether one can take homeopathic/herbal medicines without the consent of the FDA – dead serious here gang.  This case is the defining moment for that. Daniel is a personal friend since 2004 and the more we can make the public aware of this case the better.  By getting 10,000 signatures, congress is required to review the case to see what injustice might be taking place by the Department of Justice.  We need to help that happen and it takes less than a minute to help by clicking this short link and signing the petition:  or if your nervous about the tiny link url then click this one at:  I would not steer you wrong on this so please take a minute and sign or take more time and educate yourself about the case at either of these links.  If you feeling flush, his costs are astounding to say the least as this has been going on for over 2 years.  I think there is a donation spot there too but signing costs nothing but 1 minute of your time. I appreciate you and care so hence this short letter and please click and support Daniel.  If so led, spread Daniels case everywhere – facebook – emails – what ever media you have as you can see people are helping do that too. Stay alert and be ready… SirRatatap