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3.21.15 Lots of Hype – Are we there?

Struggling sending this one as it will step on toes…..Hence why I quit doing this in the first place a while back.

Hello My Friends:

Well those that follow this site are most likely involved with the RV/RI.  If you have been following all the “Guru’s” with and without handlers and “Guru’s” that are glory seekers, you will know that they say we are almost there – even this weekend – so they say.

It is never popular to go against the tide and frankly can be very tiresome.  For the most part, I have stepped aside and watched the many roads that lead to (ROME opps sorry had too because its true) some sort of RI or RV or Reset or even GCR.

All of these mean something different and that is because of the politics behind each.  The PTB that are in control presently are simply interested in the RI but more in the RV.  This will cause other currencies to adjust but let me be clear on this, it is not the same as a GCR (Global Currency Reset).  The GCR has a totally different meaning and has a different philosophy behind it then the RI/RV.  

So with that said, let me be the bearer of bad news.  We will not see a GCR for a while and in fact I do not see it at earliest till later this year.  

As far as the RI/RV that could be much closer and only because it is a slight of hand paperwork entry used and allowed under past and current rules regulating the way the fiat system works.  Remember, money never goes away it just simply changes hands – REMEMBER THIS!!!!!  So when Iraq lost their value, where did it go?  From where will it come back.  Those are the things the PTB’s are dukeing out as we speak and they involve collateral accounts.

Trustees of these accounts are both good and bad but mostly greedy, misinformed or ignorant of their fiduciary responsibilities as trustees and this mainly due to the fact these trustees have inherited their role through family generations .  They are waking up slowly and starting to understand their role.  When enough educated trustees or replaced trustees are put together, it will bring about the GCR.

In the meantime, the current operators of the system are “Growing” the money so they can do the RI/RV.  What do I mean by that?  Well it is real simple.  If you want something to have a greater value than it had, you have to provide that value.  So you either take it from somewhere else (Cant take much from other countries as they are already upside down as we see everywhere) or you use the system to “Grow” it.  Put some money into the system and let it 10:1 it and then deposit it into another account/bank/country and do it again and again and again.  They do not have to have all of the money there to turn on the RV/RI switch but they have to have enough to start the engine.  They are trying to start the engine and hence we wait on the RV/RI.  Its hard to rob from Peter when Peter doesn’t have any money and “THE” church sure does not want to have to give up any as they are in the collecting/stealing role.  (They have plenty to cover the whole RV)  It is simple accounting if you know accounting – the ledgers have to balance – you cant just write a number in.

Do I know the actual numbers needed to do this – NO – Do I have a good idea of where they are collecting/stealing while growing this startup – YES.  

So unfortunately I cannot tell you when the engine will start.   The Guru’s and their handlers (One of them is trying to send a clear message that he is handled – don’t get me wrong I like him) are keeping us going (Hype buys more currency and the currency doing the buying right now is usable to “GROW”)  My gut and common sense with what little knowledge I am capable of having says no RV this coming week but hey things change but I am betting after the 1st of April and then we will see something.  I am not one to toot my own horn because Knowledge is power and I get Knowledge not posses it and again I see into April and the knowledge has never been wrong even when everyone says different.

I am a glass half full so please do not think me a pessimist – far from it.  I use common sense and some info I am privy too to put two and two together.  Find something to do for a week or better to keep your sanity. 

Hang in there as this does have an expiration date one way or another – we/I just do not know when those two PTB roads intersect and the good takes over – I am confident that we will see an RV/RI first but not this coming week.     I HOPE I AM WRONG!!!!


P.S. I am firmly resolved that the US will take a serious hit after this RV/RI event if we do not see a GCR first – bank on it as I know this is the “PLAN”.  Does not matter if they want to coat and preach a 3% hit is all we will feel philosophy – they are handlers or being handled – period!!!!  The very fact we went from .80 up to the $1 mark and are hoovering the .98 shows you how fast we can go back to .80 and loose 20% just as fast if not faster.  The big wigs have already pulled most of their assets out of the U.S. both money and Stock or will with whats left before you have time to react….  they will let us RI/RV and then hit us with a devalue and if you think that is wrong and the RV will save the U.S. day – you are so mistaken…. It is part of the “PLAN”.  Saving the day is GCR – owning the day is RV.

My belief is they offer this contract rate (Greed) to entice people to get exchanged locking you into the system before the take down.  A bird in the hand saying might be relevant here folks.