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4.6.13 Well I will try this again…

I just posted this at PTR and it was immediately pulled off for including a Fulford link – uuuuuurrrrrrghhh.  Anyway, all I was trying to do is help some people understand what Dan was saying so here it is again for those that follow my blog….

Hi Gang:

Here is some news article for you to look at and take some of the guess game away***…t-Syria-308889…e-as-japan-an/ 

Now to help the layperson understand what this means I will help you understand the sides. Syria is with China – Turkey is with a host of cabal members including Isreal. North Korea is with the cabal also and so there is a lot that the layperson just does not understand.

So if they (Meaning the US corrupt goons) can get a rebel army started to start a full scale offensive in the area, then all bets would be off for any meaningful long term resolutions to that region. War is one of the cabals last straws they can draw from as their finances are being shut off daily while trying to fight the new financial system and loss in power over the old. We see just a week ago pacts made between Iraq and China and Russia – they Iraq have switched sides.

This threat of war too shall pass and will not come to a full scale offensive war over there – it just won’t. But it is an obstacle but not really.

Hang in there gang as the good guys are cleaning it up as fast as the cabal dishes it out and they are running out of things to dish out.

War and theft are their weapons right now and well keep an eye on Syria and Turkey and maybe the commodities market and reread the first part of this sentence.

But who am I?


Maybe give this to a friend or two but not on chat or the boards – I do not want to violate protocols over there nor do I want you too.  PM’s are fine I think.