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5.6.12 My Friend Needs Help

Dear Readers:

I have a friend, Daniel Smith, that is in the middle of a Federal Case that in reality sets precedent for us all.  He was a large distributor of a product called MMS or Master Mineral Solution.  It is an organic solution that can be made in your home and is known to address many ailments.  

The reason that Daniel was targeted was that he was one of the largest suppliers of MMS and it threatens the FDA since the FDA has no authority or vested financial interest in this natural product.  If the FDA can triumph over this case, it will set precedent over what ever else they presume to regulate in our own private kitchens because that is exactly what can be done to create this product at home.

I invite – no implore you for Daniels sake that you read this:  to understand more clearly the case and if you would be so kind, take a couple minutes of your time to click on this link for him 

Some of you use MMS and the obvious link would be at the top of this form in the box if you will help.  If your not a MMS user and still want your rights and Daniels upheld, then use the link at the bottom of the box.

The directions are easy to follow and for us to help a man fighting for his life – literally and for “our” own rights, it is the least we can do.  Please take take the time to do this and do it even by tomorrow when post office opens – timing is critical on this as the Grand Jury is in session as we read this.

If you are interested in helping Daniel more with this case, read over this site and you will get educated on the case and be offered many ways of helping him out.  He is representing himself as funds are non existent at this time.  He spends all his time researching for this case and also representing himself legally – he has no attorney. 

He is a dear friend and like a brother.  He needs our help and we can help.  If you have an email list, blog or contacts in the media world – use them.  If you have further questions, please feel free to call Daniel.  Any support at this time would be appreciated by him and his family.

Thank you all for doing this in advance.