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6.11.12 Catching Up


Catching Up

My friends, it has been a while and I must admit it has been on purpose.  I have had to “Sort Out” some information that has come my way and to say the least, it is not easy nor can I say with confidence, that I know what is the truth.

Many have disputed that there is a Global Trust even though I was told of it many years ago by my own mentor.  This past week I was blessed by meeting a man that purportedly claims to be THE man at the helm able to hold or release these said funds.  I have spent many hours with him and have asked many questions.  Without a doubt, he is educated on many fronts about the global situation – the situation that is not main stream news – the one some of us are enlightened to.  He is saying the world is to corrupt to release these Global Funds at this time.

It is fascinating to say the least but at the same time, I ask for discernment as the higher you go the more corrupt and/or pure things become.  It takes a wise person to discern the difference.  I am trying to do that. 

On the other side of this, I have spent much time with another man of great importance behind the scenes and the world financial playpen is not ready yet for any massive reorganization (RV).  Now I word it that way because as Fulford and Casper and Poof have been reporting, the two sides have not come to any sort of agreements nor have they given up their portions of power to the other.  They are literally battling it out.  The Feds are losing their power and that is obvious all over the main stream news.  

Comparing these two peoples notes, I find they are astoundingly similar with their facts but differ on who has the power to control the financial system.  This could very well mean that we have two different sides talking to me – I dont know yet.  They do not know each other.

What is clear and sad is that neither source have a Global RV in the near future.  Can we see adjustments to some currencies – yes but not the global one we are expecting at least not anytime – anyday or even this month.

I ask that you all keep reading the Fulfords and Caspers and Poofs even White Hats as these reports have truths in them even though some of it is skewed.  Following these reports will better give you an idea of where the RV is at then any board.  While I subscribe to PTR, it is mostly to keep a tab on the lower level information providers that these “Guru’s” profess to have.  Understand that they share what they believe is fact but in reality, their sources or three letter agencies are far below the real facts of what is going on.  They are on a much lower floor than the PTB.

Maliki is out and you heard it here first (At least that is what one of the guys is saying).  He was as we all know a puppet put into place by the Cabal or Bush if you want to get specific.  As we are all aware, the financial system is changing and as many bank representatives have left their positions whether willingly or with a little help, so is the case in Iraq.  Why would you revalue a currency with a corrupt leader in position?  Remember this is what one source is saying.  

We wait to see what happens next but I am not looking for any sort of revaluation in Iraq small or large until after the meetings taking place the 15th thru the 21st.  To be honest, I do not expect a mutual agreement between the sides then either so our RV will be later this fall most likely if even then.  Lets see what happens after the 21st and then we can better ascertain what comes next.  

Be hopeful my readers as hope is what carries us.  Iraq has a right to a trade-able currency but if my source is correct and Maliki is out, then we know there is a little time required to change certain things.  Consider it a house cleaning again.  If the one source is wrong, then we still have to see how this goes forward.  My guess is that my source is not wrong. 

Keep the Faith my friends and I will try to keep up with all of this on my end also and share what I can.