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6.16.12 A Little Education

My Dear Readers:

I am going to write something today and steer you to a book that is a must read.  It will rock your world no matter who you are unless you are educated on such matters.  I took two years of theology and was not taught this and I am pretty sure my teachers did not know this.  But what I am about to reveal to you will make so much sense in today’s world events and may even stir your soul enough to get up and get involved.

I had said that when people understood who the good side was and who the bad side was, then their eyes would be opened and the battle could begin.  So I take it upon myself now to help you see the truth of something that is going to be hard to accept at first.  That is why I want you to order this book: Facts are Facts by Benjamin H. Freedman and can be bought here on amazon – 

or for free online (Thanks Forgesasmi) here:

If you do not read this book, I will guarantee you that you will think what I am about to share is conspiracy.  But I must admit, it is hard to argue with facts.  The book will cost you about $12 plus shipping and worth every penny of it.  It is only 117 pages long so a nice small read.

When I talk about the PTB (Powers that Be), we have two sides of that equation.  (More but that is a whole other book that could be written but this will help you immensely)  When we talk about the good side, we mean the side that like you and I, have no desire to fight our fellow man and try to live our lives according to the phrase: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Then there is the other side that truly believes that you live for the moment and you do whatever possible to get ahead in this moment – includes lying, cheating, deceiving and even murder if necessary.   Divide and conquer is their claim to success.   They are about control because control is gain and gain is their religion.

Some would call this good versus evil – God against Satan.  Deeper into some religions, that would be said to be played out right now on earth.

I cannot go into this in its entirety because then that would be a book and honestly, I cannot do better than the man in the book.

So in as few words as possible but yet enough to make you go buy the book, I will commence on the difference of our current “Good” and “Bad” Powers that Be.  Brace yourself and bare with me.  It will come full circle I promise.

Christ was not a “Jew”……..There were no “Jews” prior to 1775.  The word did not exist in any language prior to the 1775.  Christ was a Judean and was appalled by the religion of his area which was called Pharisaism.  Jesus always pointed out how that religion was wrong and that they did not have ears that hear nor eyes that see – that they were false teachers.   Did I get your attention?  I hope so.  (For the Christians on deck, I am not taking away here any sort of work that the Christ Jesus did.  In fact, if anything, this should help clarify some things.)

What I am trying to do is set a presedent – a true factual presedent so that when I reveal to you another aspect of this, you will understand the two sides.

Now Judea was a province if you will of a greater country and region as we all know that is the Roman Empire.  Judea had no religion of its own but followed the traditions and teachings of the Pharisees – hence Pharisaism as it was called.  Now lets shift gears.

In another part of the continent, there was another group in the Khazar Kingdom.  It was located North of Bagdad Iraq –  above Turkey and encompassed now day Georgia of the Russian split off.  The Khazars were a nomad people and were eventually driven from that area.  This group of people are the people that systematically designed and orchestrated the now known word “Jew” and the religion we all believe is tied to Jesus.  Remember the word “Jew” is in no language anywhere, Latin or Greek and was not a recognized word until the late 1775.

By tying the word “Jew” to Judaism and then to Jesus since he was from Judea, they were able to suck in the Christendom of the world and hence were financed for the sake of “religion” and religious beliefs supposedly associated with Jesus.  We see that now with Israel and Palestine.   They have created a place for themselves all over the world as a “Race” that has a claim to  Christian ties and have sought to claim a land of their own.  But it is all false.

See the Zharian “Jews” are practicing Judaism to this day and make that clearly known.  They use the Torah or Talmud as their bible and they are religious about teaching it to their children at the earliest of ages.  But close examination of these “Books” will reveal a very pagan and vile set of standards that they are to live by and be sure if you are a “Jew”, you are to live by them.

So what we have here is a “Sect” I will call them that had the finesse and wherewith all to pull the vail over all of our eyes – even some other religions.  They own all media except the internet.  They are at the heads of our schools as we speak.  It is their practice to do whatever it takes to get ahead -even against themselves but they band together for the cause.  Unfortunately, they have sucked in the Christians to back them – all in the name of religion.

So you understand, the Kharizan “Jew” people have infiltrated most every nation and political positions and even religions and banking and most of the fortune 500’s.  They are in control of the world.  But that is about to change when the world wakes up and it is.

The Federal Reserve is run by these same people and as most on my blog are aware, that encompasses the WTO – IMF – UN – BIS – WB – CBI’s and list goes on. Do you now see the power they possess.  Do you also see how fragile it is at the same time.  The world just has to wake up and deny the monetary system that the Feds run and change gears to a new system based on transparecy and regulations (Basel 3) that make sure that this never happens again in history.

Brasil, Russia, India and China are leading this way for us.  By setting up BRIC, they are setting the stage for the new system.  Many are weary of the new system being a “New World Order” but in fact it is the Khazarian “Jews” that want to collapse everything to make a one world currency and a “One World Order” that they can control.  That is why you see them go into every country and take over its banking and political systems – for control.  No wonder Iran or North Korea or China and some others avoid the Fed System – they know the truth.  Libya knew it also.  The new financial system does not share this ideology – I assure you of that.

So if you have a hard time with accepting this fact about “Jews” and it is hard to go against all written books with the word “Jew” in it (Which was changed to facilitate the “Jews” agenda) then I ask you to read this book I gave link to above.

It has a beginning explaining some of this then it goes into a letter written by a Catholic Priest to a converted “Jew”.  The priest was very knowledgeable and did an awesome job of documenting his claims with facts that are indisputable.  If every person in the country read this book, I know our system would change immediately with an uprising.  No “Jew” would claim the name “Jew” (Means nothing anyway) and would be running for their lives for surely some people would not retain the heart of forgiveness.  (Their deeds need addressed but legally and systematically and properly and they are as we speak one level at a time being addressed until we reach the top)

So now lets get back full circle.  If you want to know more details about this “Jew” thing, please read the book.  One can hate what they have done – are doing and what they plan to do but their history, present acts and future plans exposed will be there fall.

Some facts: the majority of the Cabal are these Khazarian “Jews”.  Bush – Cheney – Clintons – Greenspan – Kissinger and many many others that are in our political system today or work for it knowingly.  Our next presidential race apart from the Pauls are all in bed with this sect.

This sect went into Iraq and took it over – stole its gold and now are trying to dictate the policies of that country.  Some are awake over there and some are trying to correct it.  The RV can wait to have a correct system not beholden to the “Jews” and then others there are trying to get it shoved through.  Some of them have been bribed and some have had guns to their heads – literally.  Is it about Iraq – no.  Iraq is the tool the cabal want to bolster their booties – to carry their system until the next war (Hmmm is there any on the horizon?)

The new system does not need Iraq to revalue to come aboard with its agenda – seriously.  If you wipe debt away from the world, then there is plenty of assets to build a new system.  Why pay the bad guys?  Just don’t and countries are waking to this fact.  But the new system recognizes that Iraq has a sovereign right to revalue their currency and to have a fair marketable currency to be able to do business with the rest of the world.  So is it Iraq holding up the show or is it the “Good” guys or is it the Cabal?  Watch the show and we will see how it unfolds.  Iraq is holding its own cards but I do not believe for a minute, the fathers of Iraq that represent the people of Iraq are in any hurry to get in bed with the cabal.

FYI, the cabal is meeting with the “Good” guys as we speak.  They are to meet until the 21st to try to resolve this issue of global money.  The “Good” guys are not giving them anymore money (Borrowing – lending – buying – non of it) so now we have a Fed system left to its own demise.  They are meeting with the “Good” guys to try to save a place for themselves in the new system.  That is not going to happen.  They will be replaced – period.

So when is this going to RV?  I would like tomorrow.  I do not have pockets full of money where everything is funny.  Life for me is serious right now and I am playing for real to live.   We have to wait and see what Iraq does do.  Again they have the right to RV.  Can they hold out until the Feds are done – I don’t know.  The “Good” guys hope so – we all hope so if we are real with ourselves – it is their people on the line here.

If the cabal would submit tomorrow, things would change tomorrow.  But realistically, if you were a “Jew”, would you want to give up power – status – and homage?  Probably not – so we wait and watch the show.

If you were waiting for this RV (Like I was) then move along.  This accident is still being cleaned up and we bystanders need to move along.  It will be cleaned up as any accident and we will know when it is.  The faithful will be rewarded for their beliefs.  We will get our RV.

Hope this helps all to understand the two sides.  One, a people with no home – no heritage and no hope of the future as good always prevails and the other side, people like you and me all over the world doing life and trying to be the best people we can be to ourselves our god’s and our neighbors.  Our people are all over the world and far outnumber the others – we need to just wake up.

With God granted wisdom shared by himself and others he brought my way, I thank all of you for having open eyes and hearing ears.  The truth shall set us free.  Buy the book and share it with as many as you can. (no I do not make a cent off the book for the record)  Just thought it would help you identify the two sides.