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6.18.12 Keenan and the BIS

Hi Readers:

I know many of you are from PTR and on that site today was posted a Lien by Keenan of which you can find here on PTR: BREAKING-NEWS!!-Lien-filed-against-the-Bank-for-International-Settlements-see-PR  Now pulled – go figure!

or here if you do not have PTR acess: 

The actual total package submitted to the courts was like 118 pages long and I will try to find that. Found it ( )  People, this is real – Keenan is real and the bonds that were not and have not been acknowledged are real.

If you have been following along with the good and bad, you will understand who is behind the BIS and why they are using these instruments to prop up the global situation right now instead of paying them out like they are supposed to.    

Keenan does not own the certs/bonds but is legally entitled to transact them. 

In short, if they are not honored by Sept16th, the BIS is done.  So here is another pivoteable date to keep in mind as all of this stuff is unraveling.  That is why the meetings going on right now can move things along immediatly or stall them until September or even later if they do not forfiet in September as stated.

I would tell all of you this stuff but where do you begin and where do you end?  It is these critical dates for the current system that keep degrading it.  Yes other things have been filed by Keenan and guess what – they have not been honored and the rest of the world see’s that the BIS is not honorable any longer.  There is no honor in the current system anywhere.

Just watch the show – that is all we can do.  I will try to inform here and there when I can and if neccasary. I do not know everything and do not claim it either.  I have good mentors involved – specifically with this one.

Hope this clears it up a little or least the doubt about it.