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6.2.13 A house divided will fail…..

Good Sunday Morning all my Friends,

I have watched a firestorm take shape and come to full fruition over at our favorite PTR site.  It has not happened overnight and has been left unguarded.  It is not my place to step in even though some have asked me to at least post a comment.   I have decided to post that comment here knowing that I am watched from there.

A house divided cannot stand. Mark 3:25  While it is not my intent to get religious, I use many years of studying many religions to help compass me on my bodily journey.  There is wisdom in many of their teachings.

Before I even start, know that I appreciate all of the PTR’s leadership for their different capacities.   Like every other human being, we favor certain traits or character specifics and hence will gravitate towards that.  Like attracts like and even more so a lower conscience will be attracted to a higher conscience. 

It cannot be denied that a while ago, Dan had put Tony under the bus and not just once.  This is the very start of where PTR is today.  As “THE” owner of PTR, Dan has not only shared his views but on about every call shows his views with his chosen words.  There is nothing wrong with that – I admire his steadfastness in his stance.  Being a Taurus, I am guilty of not being moved easily once I have believed in something so I can truly relate.

As head of PTR and as the owner of PTR, Dan needs to address his house or I would fear his house will fall.  A weaker man may not want to address it and let it fall so he does not have to deal with conflict – I do not see Dan as this kind of man.  When a friendship is involved, it makes these kind of decisions harder though.  Even harder of you believe your nemesis may be or is larger than yourself.

It is obvious by the many threads and posts on those threads the deep division in PTR.  It may be best to divide.  It is my belief that we are so close that it is not necessary – I believe that D-G-T also know this and hence “Deal with it” for now.  Unfortunately, we have heard from Tony’s mouth that he will not continue with the PTR team post RV.  That is very very sad.  It is my hopes that all of those that like and follow Tony will be able to tap into his wisdom and counsel somehow post RV. (Tony call me and let me know your thoughts here as we are with you)

As we all move closer to the mark, I would ask all of you to remember this: Blessed are the peacemakers.  Tony by far has showed his true colors by exercising this kind of character while being attacked.  I admire the man.  We too need to back off as Tony has asked on the threads and posts and not respond to the magnificent 7 as they have been called.  Just be a peacemaker.  If Tony posts, then show your appreciation by giving the thanks.

I am not sure why Dan does not deal with these people.  I know they would be gone if Tony could and most certainly would have been gone if I had the site.  Bad apples in the crate infect the whole and we see it is and has happened.  

Remember this, it is how you say something not the what needs to be said.  This is where most of the problem lay with these threads.  I see some that are very good at not offending while stating their views – this is the proper way of giving your opinions but also remember opinions are simply the ego talking. 

Now for facts, the RV could have been done long long ago.  It is because certain entities did not do what they said they would do that continues to delay the imminent RV.  Okie has been right more times than you know – same with many of the different intel givers including Poof.  What happens is last minute the agreement was not followed by one side and the other has to do something to get it off center.  This is and has happened to this very day.  We are off center but cooperation is still not 100% even though the inevitable is obvious for the PTW- powers that were.  

As far as Tiers, they are real but in a different way than most think.  Have countries cashed out?  One has to ask a deeper question – who would they cash out to – what currency if you as a country knew what was going to take place.  I will put it this way without writing a book.  Certain cooperating countries have been given credit to go forward against their supply of assets by the new system.  Would you call this a Tier?

Other certain countries are on the edge of bankruptcy and are in the news – now ask yourself or research and find out who and what role these countries play in the past system and what part of the news network do they play part.  Not all is as it seems.  

Is there certain contracts being designed for another group of people that will benefit by being involved in placement programs to better the world – certainly and their percentages may be different than the layperson for their Dinars.  Is this perhaps another Tier – who came up with the term Tiers – ask that.  As Tony has learned and others through this venture, there are some people privileged to be a part of such things.   They are the ones that make a difference in the world.

Be patient my friends, we are very close and there is not much the other side can do to delay this any longer.  It is off center and rapidly unfolding.  Many many things are going to change for all of us.  The idea of Nesara is not that far from the reality to come and many parts of it will be implemented – trust me on that one.

I have been silent because the levels of things that make a difference are done.  I said that back in January.  You don’t see Gold being moved around anymore to CBI’s.  It is all the minions that are were still busy stirring the pot.  Had they cooperated, we would have had our RV last June.  Moving Gold was just another power play by the new system.  Heck most people don’t know that the owners of Gold can move it wherever they want to favor who they want and their ideals. The same is with asset’s in the ground.  

I will leave you with this thought – Iraq does not own its oil rights – it has rights to use that oil………. Hence this is not about Iraq.

I hope Dan and Tony can work out their differences for PTR’s sake – lets all hope for that.

In love and light and as a peacemaker