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7.23.12 More Keenan

Good Evening Friends:

Our good man Keenan is vigilant in his endeavor.  Some do not believe and some do not understand but the system is collapsing by the minute.  When reading this, I will enlighten some to the fact that September 16th is D-Day for the BIS (Bank of International Settlements).  Now if you do not understand what the BIS does, I suggest you Google and find out but in simple terms, all transactions world wide go through the BIS.  Imagine if you will a bankrupt BIS.  Would you as any country want to send funds through there?  Would you want to put funds into a bank you knew was in bankruptcy?  The fact is 9 of the largest banks in the US have filed and are in bankruptcy as I write this, yet the layperson has no clue that his life savings are at risk as we speak – now imagine the world with the BIS.

It didn’t have to be this way but the Khazarian cabal have held out to the last possible moment and are still breathing their last.  Hence our RV still has not happened and most likely will not until after the 16th of September.   So if we do see an RV before then, prepare for a bump in the road.  I have said this like a broken record since the beginning of Ratatap.   Not that I am arrogant, I simply have friends in higher places than the three letter agencies and banking systems and their corrupt manipulators and even higher than rulers of countries.  These friends are the people making this right for us and it has been a long fight for some of them.  One of them, a past mentor has been taken out over this fight – I miss him.  God replaced him with another and this other is the man that mentored Keenan.  So take heed what is said here for it is real and it is going down.  Prepare my friends for the bump in the road.


NEWS from Neil Keenan – July 23, 2012

Posted on 07/23/2012


From: Neil Keenan
To: ’Drake
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2012 5:27 AM
Subject: RE: as per our conversation


Good Morning my friend,
As always I want to keep things clear so no one gets confused most especially me.  The case and the liens are two different issues.  For the case I must return to Asia to receive the rest of the documentation, I have most recently been promised, that ties in much more than jurisdictional issues.  It ties in actions.
As you know the phony Euros printed by the European Central Bank are in our possession in Indonesia .  These notes are outright fraud and we have all the answers back to us from the system.  They have no value but they made them as payment for the interest on the Gold from the Global Accounts.  Once submitted as frauds the European Central Bank could be out of business.  If not then I will go back and bring back millions of Euros and let the ECB accept them and validate them or get out of business.  Then you have the end of this atrocity called the European Commission headed by some Eastern European Mummies from Hungary (Soros Boys).
Exposing the Euro is this simple.
Soon we will be auditing and validating what is real and what is not.  The Indonesians have waited far to long for the long overdue promises to kick in.  Asia has waited far too long.  The Middle East has waited far too long.  The world has waited far too long.  Why?  Because the Kazars/Nazis controlled US Corporation has stolen from the Collateral Accounts from Day One.  Since when has a Kazar or Nazi ever kept even the simplest promise.  In this case they saw the opportunity to financially control the world.  Well, we are coming to close you down.  Your days in the sun (you are all so white I think you hate sun) are over with.  Exposure is already prevalent and in our hands but to literally take the money right out of your pockets will take just a little longer.  When we shut you down then it is up to others to straighten out the wrongs.
To date we have closed up the BIS on you and frozen trading for 90 days and making it very difficult for you to do anything.  The Central Banks are already in fault not default and in a few days they go into default.  It is only going to get tougher and when it does you will become more desperate but guess what?  There will be no corners to hide in so you will be forced to stay in the middle of the ring until this is over with.  It is best you take a good long look at your situation because soon it will be too late.
Sorry Drake got carried away,
Neil Keenan