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7.8.13 Neil Keenan Update

Neil Keenan Update – July 6, 2013 (3 Videos)

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Neil has been very sick with the flu, but when I watched this video I realized he is back. Neil is really back! This is not a man who is interested in photo ops and signing agreements that don’t mean anything. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of those kinds of people. In my opinion, Neil is ‘real’, and just as importantly, he is getting the job done!

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Pay close attention, now, because Neil jumps around from topic to topic as he chats and visits. Please also note: “Crayfish” is really Crayford, the fellow from the totally debunked OITC (by Neil) who is still trying to get a foot up, but can’t because he doesn’t have anything legitimate behind him.  

The third video is of Neil and Inchul with massage therapists in Jakarta. Neil has his knee worked on, while Inchul has a painful trigger finger worked on. (I suspect that what Inchul has is called dupitrens contractions, which is a result of his military experience using a rifle.)

I hope you will enjoy these videos as much as I did . . .  ~Jean

Uploaded on Jul 6, 2013

Traditional massaging in Indonesia

Published on Jun 27, 2013

This traditional massaging helps fix broken bones, dislocated joints, depressed nerves and the like. The masseurs do not provide any (modern) anesthetic drug, balm or ointment whatsoever to alleviate the pain.