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8.30.13 Insight..

Hello My Friends:

I am writing this post because I think it is very important that you know something.  As we go forward and the “RV” looks like it is on the doorstep, I want you all to know all is not as it seems or has been fed us.

The initial plan as most know did not include a Global Reset.  This came later when the true PTB decided to take action against the rogue Cabal and the fiat system.  That battle has made many turns during the last three years and even longer if you look past the RV.

When this event did turn into a global reset backed by assets, that is when we knew that someone besides the cabal were steering (Or trying) the machine.  It was looking good and even so much so that it became news worthy on all of our channels.  Words like Global Reset – asset backed – Basel 3.  All of these are terms that were to be implemented into the global reset.   All of these were not wanted by the cabal as they restrain the perimeters of what can be hidden behind the curtain.

We see that a portion of Basel 3 has been implemented but wont be now in total effective mode until 2019 and we see asset backed currencies are no more backed by assets than before.  What do I mean by that?  Does any country have any different asset than they had before this reset?  Then how can it be any different now?  There is an answer but that answer does not apply to the cabal.  The cabal has already indebted every nation to itself so how can there be any assets left to leverage – smoke smoke smoke…..

There are real assets folks and these assets have the right to be used in concordance with specific agreements set long long ago.  These agreements cannot be breached nor can they become null and void.  These agreements will stand a lot longer than any cabal or fiat system – be sure of this.  If the court system was not rigged – things would have been changed by now already.

Bottom line, the Royal Family that actually funds anything real is not behind the reset.  They were the ones funding it with real assets.  They have officially bowed out because certain things are not being done in the proper way and egos have once again taken over.  They are however 100% behind BRICS now – think about that.  

So without going into great detail, what I am trying to tell all of you is that the cabal once again is smoking everyone into thinking everything is going to be better after said reset – NOT!

It is more of the same and the books are just as cooked and more now than ever.   I implore my readers to take the time to evaluate their situations and prepare for the collapse of what we now know as our current banking system.  

I am not a doomsayer as I believe in our creator and provider.  What I do know is that the facade can only go on a little while longer.  By real assets folks and the ones that wont cost you a lot of money to hold.  As money debases, so will the cost of owning assets and this is why I say consider the assets you want to own.  Greenbacks is not an asset.  It is an agreed upon medium for transactions.  Once this is put into question, it will lose value.  Given an solid alternative, the greenback will be worthless – it will devalue.

Countries need help – even they have succumbed to this reset idea on paper but it is just that paper not real and they know it.  (The plan might be working better than the blind can see)  They will convert once the “REAL” asset is used as a medium.

Pay attention now as next week you will have to start spending some money – or should.

Love you Bothers and Sisters – be wise!  Ask for wisdom and discernment from your higher source.


PS.  BONDS = BLA BLA BLA – no real bonds are being moved just saying!!!!!