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9.19.14 With Great Remorse

My Dear Friends:

It seems that it always happens this way and why for so long I stayed silent as far as the timing of the GCR/RV.

I no sooner than finished that last blog earlier today to you when I received information revealing the timing has been delayed once again.   It will go into October and who knows how much past that.  With what I know it is at least weeks out.  Go about your life and don’t wait for it and plan on this as it is truth.  While hopium is good for the soul, it does not pay any bills – I am sure many of you know that already.

I am sorry to bear the news but I know how many are hanging on this happening.  I will not post my opinion on the GCR/RV in the future – I just cant because I do not want to give false hope nor was that ever my intent.  I will post as I have for a bit but again you can follow these people yourselves by subscribing to theirs sites.

I love each Reader and again I am sorry but the news I got just hours ago I believe more than any GURU and that is because they have never been wrong – never.  This will seep to Guru level in the next few days – count on it.