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9.7.13 Adding a new Category


I know that the Goat is very controversial to many.  I am going to add her/him to my blog as I know some of the information is real through my contacts.  

Like many others I post here, not all is 100 percent accurate and some times that is due to things changing possibly before they are briefed or privy to certain events and affects.  

I also feel that the Goat may be limited to what is said on the TNT site so I want to archive and possibly continue to provide information if allowed from the Goat.

If you do not like the information provided then simply ignore those posts – if you like them, then read them and ponder it.

Sorry if this is redundant if she continues to post over at TNT but when that site is gone, it will be here.

I will be posting some of the past posts of the Goat so you will be getting them as I upload them.  

Hope you appreciate the Goat as much as I do as she says some of what I can’t.