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Is Morgan Stanley the new Lehmans

Banks collapse fast. It’s the nature of the beast. Once the flood gates are opened everybody and their mother panics to get their money out of a bad bank and into a good one (if there are any). It took a matter of days from the first Lehman Bros. rumors to the total destruction of the entire company. So the latest rumors hitting the wire are that Morgan Stanley is on the ropes with their exposure to European banks. Here’s an article that I’m sure MS wishes did not hit the mainstream media:
Morgan Tries to Quell Rumors About It’s Holdings

Hopefully, all you precious metal holders remember one of the first revelations of silver and gold bankster manipulations when MS was busted for selling metal they did not have in storage but charged their clients for.

If anyone still has money in gold/silver pooled accounts or certificates you can only blame yourself when you find out that there is no metal left when mass redemptions start. (Please don’t send me emails claiming that Perth Mint metal certs are backed by the Western Australian gov’t because they are just as broke as every other government. And the Kitco pooled accounts…PLEASE!).
If you don’t have metal in your own hand YOU DON’T OWN METAL!!!!
Now is not the time to get cute with your investment. Keep it safe and secure in your own possession because the likelihood of a 3rd party surviving the coming crash is “LESS THAN ZERO”!

Nobody knows the exact timing of the coming chaos but if you knew we were a matter of DAYS before all hell breaks loose would you do anything different?
Read the checklist again and watch for “Scenario #3 to unfold…

May the Road you choose be the Right Road
Bix Weir