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4.5.12 Bix Weir Silver Manilpulation

Hello Friends:  Bix is one of many places I go to keep on top of the events at hand.  His subscription is spendy for some but he has a free email that goes out about daily with overviews.  In this particular email, he includes a link I highlighted below that is worth investigating.  This is the stuff he puts behind the subscriptions and it is free in this email so take advantage of it.  Again, I am not saying I take it all as gospel but there are many morsals in this one that I can confirm.  Look for the link below and have fun gang….

Bix Weir

Here’s a succinct summary of my latest post for those of you new to the Silver manipulation situation. These 3 questions and answers summarize what is happening in the silver market…
QUESTION #1: Is the Silver market rigged?

ANSWER: YES. Everyday and every trade the silver market is “controlled” and has been for at least the last 40 years. NOBODY knows the true Fair Market Value of silver anymore so all prices for silver are currently irrelevant.

QUESTION #2: How is it done?

ANSWER: The silver market rigging is accomplished by running computer market trading programs to “steer” the price of silver up and down flushing out weak hands on the price slams and covering short positions that were previously put in place to cap the rising price. These silver “trades” have little to do with physical silver but everything to do with paper derivatives of silver. There is no floor or limit to where “the controllers” can place the price of silver.

QUESTION #3: Why are they doing it?

ANSWER: To save the un-backed fiat monetary system. Unless you control the prices of all commodities, especially the monetary metals, an un-backed paper or electronic monetary system will fail in rapid fashion. As such, when the US went off the Gold Standard in the early 1970″s, Alan Greenspan wrote and implemented the original computer market rigging models to PROLONG the acceptance of un-backed fiat money. This was the implementation of the 1960″s economic theory called “On The Road to The Golden Age” by Bertil Näslund which dealt with Nobel Prize winner E. Phelps’s “Golden Rule Theory” of equal capital accumulation. The ultimate conclusion of this theory was to print as much un-backed currency as possible for as long as possible to reap all the rewards before returning to the discipline of a Gold Standard.
It is important to understand that the Implementation of  the “On The Road to the Golden Age” Theory has an end point and that comes when the benefits out weight the costs.
We have arrived at that point and the US is trying their best to DESTROY THE DOLLAR in order to return to sound money!
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May the Road you choose….be lined with SILVER!
Bix Weir