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1.18.15 Casper

I am posting this and it is a lot to digest.  Something I pray daily is that I am given wisdom, knowledge and discernment and a dose of Love.  With articles like this, it takes wisdom and knowledge and discernment and at the end of the day, if you even begin to understand the two sides, it takes Love to move forward.  I know what one of my contacts has to say about the Dinar and it parallels with Casper here.  I have many a time said not yet only to be slammed on some of the past Guru sites I have been on.  I said not yet because it couldn’t happen yet – then. I cannot comment on how I feel about that today and for the most part that is why I have been silent – conflicting reports are difficult but the one source OBVIOUSLY has not been wrong yet and its still not yet. We have to remember one thing – Iraq has a right to revalue its currency under law so we know that it can do that – question to what rate is all and when.  One side needs it to continue – the other does not. I know you want more from me – even my close friends here have emailed numerous times wondering what the heck but the truth be told, I am soul searching as I have been given a “TRUTH” that I am digesting and not sure what to think.  I asked for it and I guess my maker thought me ready for it and it got dumped in my lap – it is overwhelming – enormous and now I understand the true fight out there. Anyway, here is the article from Casper – keep your heads up – we know who is in control at the end of the day.  He doesn’t post often and when he does it is usually controversial.   Wendy has kept us (WE) informed about the many request for an update. Every time we get started unfolding world events cause previous work to be dated, so WE start over. With events this week and more to come next week maybe this would be a good moment in time to slip one in. Many disjointed items today in no particular order. To me, but not necessarily my compadre’s, the most interesting thing this past week was the post Monday night (I think) written by heretofore unknown (to us) Dr. Mount.  He said The Ambassador had been charged with delivering a message to the Rothschild’s and the Committee of 300 headed by the Queen, the following morning, Tuesday I think. The message?   “Obey or Die. You have 24 hours to decide”. Now that ladies and gentlemen is an update. Within 48 hours Russia guts off gas to Europe and the Swiss de-peg from the Euro. Coincidence?  I smell something but I don’t think it’s a coincidence I smell. Many reports from the Texas Gulf Coast saying Chemtrails  have never been thicker or more often than the last ten days. Huge increase in number of flyovers. White House tells ‘POLITICO’ Tuesday night State Of Union speech will not be regular fare. Will be a ‘Messaging Event’, they said. Same week world bankers and power players have annual confab in Davos. European Central Bankers Meeting in Europe same time. A huge meeting of Worlds Primary Leaders of the Muslim faith, Texas I think, next week. And Ron Paul casually throws out this red meat:  “A major geopolitical or economic event is fast approaching, it will be a surprise to the majority of politicians and economist and It will be bigger than ’08”. Friday morning a ‘Breaking News’ headline posted and flashing at the top of the UPI (United Press International) website. “ Naval battle with China in South China sea underway now. USS George Washington damaged”.  No other details were provided. Within one hour it was taken down. Censorship? Cover up? Website mistake? WE have not been able to confirm this with China Sources. There was a lengthy statement by Putin a month ago saying ‘the U.S. will not be allowed to defang and declaw the Bear’, in which he mentioned nukes. Several articles say ‘U.S. Law Enforcement arming up for something really really big. A newspaper publishes a picture of a newly delivered mine resistant armored vehicle to the local COLLEGE Police Department. Another Government Bozo discusses “MMT”, Modern Monetary Theory.  ‘If we all increase our money supply via Q.E. at the same time by approximately the same amount, there will be no consequences’. SAUDI– Fence, two actually. 100 yards apart, 600 miles long, mote in middle. Razor wire atop both. Unbelievable amount of sensors, fiber opticsetc. underground. Behind that 32 major military installations, rapid response helicopters, etc.. Must be expecting a visit from the Shia’s. All of them. FRANCE: Obama a no show. Nor Biden or Kerry or Holder who was in Paris. Spin, spin, spin goes the White House Press Secretary. Our sources say Obama demanded France guarantee his security even beyond the security in place to protect all world leaders present. Arrogance, extreme narcissism. Another ally says screw you as most of the world has already done. Merkel’s phones bugged. Financial writer says only 5 of 300 tons of promised gold actually returned by N.Y. Fed. This writer I am quoting says U.S. holding (stealing?)  4500 tons German Gold, not 300 as reported by MSM.  What a shame. There would be no America were it not for France.WE hear the U.S. position is ‘War Reparations not fully repaid’. I thought things got fixed with the Marshall Plan Money provided by U.S. taxpayers. And by the way, the documents, as told to us, calls for left over funds (M.P.) to be returned to the American people from whence it came, not to the American Government. Funds are plenty big now what with accrued interest. Just one more example of the CORPORATION blocking any and all funds to the people. Another ‘by the way’, when WE went to Switzerland seeking copies of the incorporation papers of the CORPORATION and an original copy of the CORPORATION’S Constitution which replaced our original Constitution and had been assured by phone WE would be allowed to have a copy and then learned upon arrival that the CORPORATION had ordered the Swiss National Bank not to allow us to see copies much less have copies, WE learned that it is not just money rightfully belonging to the people they are withholding but also the documents which would lay bare their lies, deceit, treachery and TREASON against their own people. There are not two political parties, not really, there is only employees of the CORPORATION. After the tsunami of the mid-terms with nary a Democrat left standing in any State or Federal office from Texas to the Carolina’s what was the very first thing the Republicans did? They joined with Democrats to fund Obama’s Amnesty Program and Obamacare also. Ten or nine or eleven States held referendums in which the people overwhelmingly voted against same sex marriage. In each case it was immediately taken before a FEDERAL Judge and each of them, 100%, reversed the votes of the people saying, essentially, ‘ME heap big boss, you nothing. Your vote no count in CORPORATION COURTROOM. You hush now, you mention Constitution one more time you go to jail’. Two parties opposing each other? Hardly, it’s just a picture show. The CORPORATION and its employees are opposing the American people. Whether Chemtrail pilots, Intel agents bugging phones, Patriot Act or the militarization of the Police, Politicians representing the Corporation rather than the people or Federal Judges reversing the will of the people, all of it becomes more and more obvious every day. Complain? Now you are a terrorist. As we have said before, Obama is a mirror image of Stalin or Hitler, take your pick. Communist or Fascist, it doesn’t matter, the outcome will be the same. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter, the outcome will be the same. OUR bet has always been Communist since he was raised by them and has associated with them all his life. Sorry, didn’t mean to go so far astray. CHINA:  No change from our primary source there (Ming). They still do not know Zap. They say they of course know the one Zap refers to as ‘Grandfather’(also Ming) since he is a member of the family. This man has been identified on the net by Mr. Bellringer at www.Fourwinds10.comtwice, first years ago and more recently a month or so ago (WE are avoiding discussing him by name). Our source is very high level Ming (appointment needed to talk) and is one of the oldest of the ‘elders’. WE have been talking to this source for many many years and have been invited several times to come over and spend time with them. On three occasions we have done the unthinkable, asking them to recheck/re investigate their previous findings they shared with us regarding funding of R.V., etc. coming from the family . They have done so each time. They have always said no and they continue to say NO.  Did I mention that they have known ‘grandfather’ since they were all in diapers together a very long time ago? CHINA: Today WE again spoke to another high level contact in China who WE have mentioned in previous updates (not Family). He personally has been holding one billion Iraq Dinar since 1992. In his estimation (today) the chances of it paying out are “slim and none”. DINAR: Today WE were discussing the ramifications and implications of the Dinar R.V. being a fraud, if it is, with still other sources. Recall please, that’s what our sources told us two and one half years ago. The consensus is that everyone seems to forget Iraq made many many announcements in November and December of 2013 that all 3 zero notes would be null and void January 1st, 2014. Not once did they say ‘inside Iraq’. Last Friday an Iraqi Gov’t. Official reminded us of those announcements. I personally have Dinar and Dong. I consider it an insurance policy. I want the Gurus to be right, our sources to be wrong. It was ‘tomorrow or certainly by Tuesday’ way back then and it still is. Our sources, having said it is a Gov’t. Sponsored Scam way back then, now say they think it is a worldwide scam and that all Western Governments are part of it as are the Banks and all Fiat Financial Institutions. Trillions of Dinar are still being sold all over the world, every day. WE know of 4 times ‘exchangers’ were reloaded with additional trillions of Dinar and no telling how many times WE don’t know about. APR (as previously reported) WE have ‘visited’ with four of them obtaining one admission they are getting their currency from Treasury. The other three said there is a ‘middle man’ between themselves and the currency they get. The purpose, IOP, is preservation of the status quo, maintaining themselves in power and keeping their utterly corrupt fiat financial carousel spinning. And it appears to be a commitment ‘unto death’. How many Trillions of DOLLARS do you suppose they have raised by selling what is currently toilet paper to the public?  Now add in the rest of the world. Fiat Governments/Treasury Departments acting in unison raising Trillions in Cash Flow. If this is the correct analysis the IMF, World Bank and BIS are all in on it. GURU’s: A message just for you. At the height of our efforts which you are now repeating, ‘they’ couldn’t go to the toilet without us knowing. WE had many very highly placed ‘helpers’. One Senator said to us “I have never seen anything like this. You guys know what is going on 24 hours before I do and I am a United States Senator”. Another Senator said “Every one of you guys should have been FBI Agents”. It was at this time, after reporting to our readers every tit and whittle of what they were doing that they basically went berserk. Geithner called his big meeting of his big shots in Treasury and began screaming at all present, “you do not work for the Government, you do not work for The Treasury Department, YOU WORK FOR ME. From now on all your phones are tapped. Your office phones, your cell phones, your house phones. I am sick and tired of the leaks. Anyone caught talking will be fired immediately and never work in Government again. At one point WE had them convinced their offices were bugged as we knew so much so quickly. At another point we had them convinced the Freedom Packs had tracking gizmo’s in them. All the while WE knew about the professional dis-info agents (liars), teams of liars, in Treasury and in the Agencies. So what did they do which is the point of this paragraph. After releasing their daily barrage of vomit domestically they waited a few hours and had very similar vomit released in China usually through bankers. A few hours later or the next day they released similar disinformation in Europe. Now WE have our pail of B.S. plum full and triple confirmed don’t you see. From very high level places around the world. It took us almost two years to cut through their jungle and figure out for sure what they were doing. Our Intel was ‘confirmed’ don’t you see, from all over the world. Meanwhile hundreds of ‘ours’ died owing greatly to the EVIL that is Washington D.C. My best friend committed suicide as did many others. Then, over time, it became thousands, 28 in my own small world died. It is possible, maybe probable, that you don’t understand what you are dealing with. After five or ten years ‘on the job’ you are still the ‘new kids on the block’ with no historical understanding of what has gone on before your arrival. Is it possible the very very bad guys have you wrapped around their little fingers? Is it possible there is an ongoing scam so big, so widespread with so many high level participants participating that you cannot get your mind wrapped around such a thing?  Is it possible your ‘mentor/leader/big shot’ who appeared to you out of the blue, by phone, is your handler not your friend? If Tuesday again comes and goes maybe it’s time you Gurus get yourselves together for a ‘Come To Jesus’ meeting to figure out what you really know versus what the highly paid lying employees of the Corporation and the Bankers committed to protecting Fiat and Fractional at any cost, are telling you. APR, all the ‘make ready’ in the world does not influence the decisions ‘at the top’. If it is a scam Banks participation in false Intel may only be known to Bankers at the very top. The CBI is part and parcel of the utterly corrupt existing fiat system as is the PBOC. Consider please. WE are aware of your comment this afternoon ‘Super Bowl kick-off 5p.m. eastern’. We get your drift. We shall see Big Tony, we shall see. In a post last week ‘Mr. Anonymous’, a retired Intel agent with plenty of research time on his hands,  included Casper in a list of those trying to claim the Collateral Accounts. Shame on you Mr. Anonymous, your off to a bad start. As our readers know we have never said or even insinuated that WE have any claim on the Collateral Accounts. We have defended ‘program participants’ from Crayford’s  never ending claims that OITC owns every dime on the planet. WE have had plenty of public boxing matches with Crayford so perhaps you assumed WE are claiming the Collateral Accounts based on that. Our updates are a matter of record, archived at It was because of Crayford’s OITC claims that WE did so much investigating regarding his claims. WE then reported to readers as we received feedback from the top people in the U.N., the U.N. General Counsel himself and many banks and courts around the world. If you want to know what they said go research the Casper updates at Fourwinds. WE take no offense. WE suspect your mistake is accidental, however, this business of calling Crayford the Lone Wolf, now that’s another matter entirely. You see, sir, WE are the original Lone Wolf (Pack) from a dozen years before anyone ever heard of Mr. Crayford. If you want to refer to him as the Lone Wolf Of Europe, well that will be okay as we are not greedy or possessive. Be warned though, your house may be haunted from here on by Mr. Christopher Story. As you research the updates you will see the number of times we referred to ourselves as being ‘Out On A Limb’ all by ourselves. Time and again we referred to how lonely and cold it is out here, a reference to our Intel always being different than others. In recent years we have said its still lonely but we are getting used to it. And so it was-and is, a pack of Lone Wolves out on a tree limb, unsure how we got here and unsure which direction back to the tree. By the way, WE have ‘retired intel’ folks on our team too. They send greetings. ZAP called about a month ago, first time ever. Wendy set it up and participated. WE had a pleasant talk, I had a sleepless night. The next morning I sent him a two page e-mail seeking clarification to some of the things discussed. No reply. Two weeks later I sent a one liner, ‘should we expect a reply to our e-mail from two weeks ago’? No reply. I am not going to repeat everything we discussed but three things I have decided to share with you. 1). Zap, as you now readily admit and said to me, you don’t know anything about the ‘programs’ and never have so how is it that you were Poof’s source for extremely positive program info updates for 10 or 15 years?  2). Do you think it Kosher that you are using multiple Internet personalities to confirm your own Intel?  3). Why is it that your Intel from ‘Grandfather Ming’ cannot be confirmed by family members who have known him for a hundred years after three attempts by them to do so?  There was no request by Zap that we keep our talk confidential. WE are not attacking Zap, we are doing our duty of reporting to our readers, our friends, some of whom go back to times long before Casper, Zap or the Dinar were ever heard of by the ‘public’. KEENAN: WE are sorry your first attempt to film the contents of the bunkers and the bunkers themselves didn’t work out and WE are so looking forward to seeing the results of your current attempt. Our source in regard to this subject was involved with the crating and loading of Bunker Contents onto American warships at the end of WW2. He says the amount of ‘treasure’ involved was not nearly as great as hand-me-down reports over the years have implied. Perhaps you and yours have discovered additional bunkers? IRAQ: Is broke, can’t pay bills or balance its budget says various articles. Suddenly they begin finding trillions of Dinar here, there and yonder. Trillions found lying around ‘left over from previous budgets’. Trillions found in secret Maliki? Bunkers and being returned. How convenient. The overprinting of the Dinar by Iraq, the U.S. and France (Zap) is well known. That’s the neat thing about owning one of the magic funny money machines. You never run out of recently located suitcases full of money. WE always ask, expecting someone somewhere will eventually be bold enough to provide a plausible answer:  Why would they sell Dinar to the public for 1/8thof a penny only to buy it back soon, -certainly by Tuesday-for three or more dollars?  Who does that make sense to?  Which way is the money flowing friends, assuming you can get over the hump of calling FRN debt instruments money? The ‘money’ is flowing from us to them and has been for many years. What’s flowing to us is the toilet paper Iraq announced was ‘null and void’ in late 2013. . In our opinion it all amounts to the Cabals ‘asset stripping’ of America progressing down to the people level. Anything, anything at all, even WW3, to maintain themselves in power, preserve the status quo of Fiat and Fractional and to keep their fraudulent financial carousel spinning. WAR: For well over a decade WE have used this word to emphasize the magnitude of what is going on behind the scenes. Now you can see in vivid color every day the magnitude of this war. Now, as Europe decides which furniture to burn first Putin issues a public call for the E.U. nations to desert the U.S. and to join the Russia/China led ‘Easter Alliance’.  ‘Playtime is Over’ says Putin. I can’t remember whether it was Edgar Casey or Nostradamus who said  ‘it will be Russia that saves the world’. The goal of the Cabal is to make Russia submit to the Petro Dollar and not let them escape under any circumstances from the net of Central Bank Control. Putin responds, paraphrasing, “Screw You, we have Nukes and we are not afraid to use them”. ECONOMY:  Massive store closings and layoffs throughout Western Countries, especially the U.S. and Canada. Two days ago announcements say 133 Target stores closing in Canada, 17,600 layoffs. Our sources say only the first wave announced, 1500 stores in Canada to close, as many as 1800 in the U.S. with accompanying layoffs. 9000 laid off at Schlumberger. Papers say 4000 at Std. Charter, 4000 at Bk.of America.  Our sources in Charlotte  say ‘that’s just the first wave, 15,000 layoffs coming soon’. More and more announced every day. 23% unemployment now says ‘Shadow Stats’. Obama lives in a fantasy world of his own creation. Like Hitler he has surrounded himself with yes men, women and Democrats. Anyone who speaks up, Civilian or Military, is immediately fired for him by his Muslim blood hound, Valarie Jarret.  Is it simple stupidity and incompetence as it must appear to most? Or is it part of the Obama plan (Cloward/Pivin) to destroy America from within as WE have been reporting to you for six plus years? Truth is available, it’s not that hard to find but it does not come from the massively manipulated Gov’t. Statistics or the mouth of the pathological liar standing in front of you with his bully pulpit and his teleprompter. There are literally dozens of Financial Analyst , experts and writers from all over the world speaking to you in volume saying the situation is worse than we are being told and steps must be taken now to protect yourself and your family. What a great service our ‘big Three’ websites provide as they deliver so much info each day for which all the ‘seek and find’ hard work has been done for you. It IS work and cost money for them to provide so many items for our discernment, hence our solicitation once again to help them financially as best you can. INFORMATION: The intake of information leads to knowledge leads to understanding leads to wisdom which leads to the realization that LOVE really is the most important thing. Single Sourced Information is risky business. It is important to gain as many perspectives as possible before forming your opinion in cement. There are so many interesting and important pieces of information not touched upon here as I am too tired to continue. Writing is considerably more trying than reading. The Swiss leaving the Euro to flounder, for example, especially in light of the E.U.’s announcement of massive new QE interventions next week, is an extremely important item disclosing how far the WAR has progressed. Remember, APR, the 16T bailout of European Banks by the Fed a couple of years ago. Remember, all the derivatives structured around oil and its subsets (gas, plastics, etc.) are two sided, long/short. With a fifty dollar drop in oil someone, many many someone’s, are getting crushed, murdered actually. Things are happening so fast and furious now there is no telling what this coming week will bring. Remember now, ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’. With that said I am off to take a nap. Casper, Wendy and WE      1-18-15