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11.8.11 Opinion Piece

11.8.11 Casper Opinion Piece

·       Remember when Bernanke testified to the House Banking Committee recently saying “Gold is not Money”?  Now, just 3 or four weeks later, China is importing record amounts of Gold and the E.U. is hammering Germany, Italy and others to use their Gold Reserves to prop up the ESFS, Europe’s ‘rescue fund’. In other words,  ‘We need Gold to prop up our Fiat Rescue Fund’. Bernanke, Geithner, Obama and virtually every D.C. Politician (spit) are pathological LIARS.


·       Last week, or the one before, WE reported to you that the headlines coming from Europe and the various meetings over there were lies, that the ‘bailouts’ were not progressing smoothly as they would have the world believe, that it was all talk, talk, talk for the purpose of propping up the worlds equity markets.  Now, with the passage of time, it has become obvious that nothing has been solved, they are now ‘kicking the can’ an ever decreasing distance with each kick.


·       The ECB, controlled by Germany, has been buying the PIIGS sovereign debt issues especially Italy’s debt, or else several debt ‘auctions’ would have failed. This in spite of six plus percent returns on Italy’s ten year bond as opposed to 1.78% on Germany’s ten year bond. This is, IMO, the European version of ongoing ‘smoke and mirrors bailouts’ via a Smokey Form of Q.E. by the ECB.  Actually, it appears to me, all European Banks and Sovereigns and Int’l. Financial Institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, etc., are all in a circle passing suitcase’s full of debt to the next entity in the circle and so on around and around as existing debt is ‘wrapped’ with new debt or more precisely, more worthless ‘paper’. All those trapped in this absurd spectacle are meanwhile trying to entice anyone anywhere to bring some actual/real ‘money’ into the circle. My guess is that China will play nice but do little, probably thru the IMF with some ongoing rather minor purchases of the PIIGS Sovereign Debt Issues. Gold is moving up again, above $1800. today. WE believe it is just a matter of time until Greece pulls an Iceland, that default is inevitable. WE also believe Italy will then follow Greece’s lead which will implode the E.U. and the Euro. So the world’s financial situation becomes more precarious by the day, the risk of an uncontrollable system meltdown more possible every day and the NECESSITY of the ‘NEW’  more obvious each day. So why does it continue to be blocked? WE have addressed that issue dozens of times, no sense doing so again now.


·       The worlds exposure to Greek Debt is 280B, to Italy’s Debt 800B.


·       Good stuff in Fulford’s update today, don’t miss it. He mentions C.C.C.’s.    (Criminal Cabal Caput)—  gotcha.


·       So Schumer says the unconstitutional ‘Super Committee’ destined to fail.  If the ‘stand-by,’ back up, plan B, fallback position of slice and dice the Military Budget  is attempted McCain and the Republicans say no, too much risk to ‘National Security’. So where does this leave us and the Country?  First, it leaves the voters waiting for November  2012 which is one month before December 2012.  Second, it leaves the U.S. likely downgraded two more ‘notches’ by the ratings agencies which means interest rate increases which means we are then in the sewer with Greece, Italy and the rest of the PIGS and unable to service our debt and ‘make payroll’ at the same time. Third, it means that Obama’s intentional destruction of Historical America by spending it into oblivion and his subsequent Communist Takeover has succeeded.


·       So Ireland says to creditors,  “prove to us and the world your ‘Book Keeping Entries’ are legitimate debts”. This is an extension to International Levels of the American People’s argument against the Feds, Fiat, and Fractional.  “ And by the way, we are closing our Vatican Embassy”


·       Speaking of Catholics, are you aware that Newt has been Catholicized? The net is reporting massive pornography distribution by the Church and outright ownership up Germany’s second largest porno publisher.


·       I notice various “Spiritually Oriented” websites and e-mails continue to peddle Obama to their audiences.  Of course WE can and of course WE already have pointed out hundreds, HUNDREDS, of examples of Obama’s blockage of Deliveries and Announcements as have so many others such as the White Hats, Fulford, Hennegan, etc. etc.. So, let’s resubmit a previous question publicly, just one, which we have respectfully asked time and time again and maybe his defenders will choose to respond this time to the millions of people who want to know, who have a need to know,  who have a right to know,  “WHAT IS OBAMA AND HIS WIFE AND HIS KIDS DOING WITH BANK ACCOUNTS CONTAINING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF STOLEN MONEY?


·       Nothing is new on the Business Front. This week is like any other recent week except for the “TEST” at 2p.m. Eastern tomorrow.  Some say it is a ‘reset’ of the Financial Systems of the world possibly including the long awaited ‘change-over’. WE can not verify any part of that.


·       How do you feel/think about the constant disclosures of Billions of OUR dollars being distributed and redistributed to questionable Businesses and Persons by Obama with no Congressional oversight or approval?  And guns to MS-13?  And mega bucks to Acorn and many Unions? And the takeover of one sixth of the economy by Communism’s Obama Care?   Obama obviously views Treasury as his personal piggy bank. It reminds me of the really big really stupid really correct black lady on television after the last Presidential Election. She was really ‘whooping it up’ so the T.V. personality  asked why and she replied “because we get the money now”. What money? “The Obama money”. Where does Obama get the money to give to you? “ I don’t know and I don’t care, we get the money now, that’s all I care”. Are you aware that Michelle has spent more than TEN MILLION DOLLARS of your money on various vacations and spur of the moment trips such as off to London on Govt. Aircraft for Fish and Chips with the kids? Twice WE hear. The SECRET INCLUSION of Real Estate Fees to the Govt. buried in the Obama Care bill is one of dozens of examples of his and his Democratic Colleagues dishonesty and their scumbag politics. What right does Govt. have to STEAL a three or four percent fee from every single family home sale in America starting next year?  Remember, this is now LAW. Not one single Republican voted for it, it was passed by Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate. The Govt. has declared WE THE PEOPLE ‘Enemies of the State’ and they did so in writing. If they want to mess with your little daughter at the airport they have ‘made it legal’. If they want to stop you and search your car for no reason they have ‘made it legal’. Washington D.C. no longer represents the people. They are not answerable to the people and the millions of dollars arriving in their Bank Accounts are not put there by ‘the people’.  Washington D.C. is a Criminal Enterprise.  It is a ‘City State’, a Federal Fort and it is occupied by a Corporation which suspended the Constitution and substituted its own Constitution long ago. Everything has been Incorporated. Every Department, every Agency, every State every City. All of them are guilty of TREASON as are the deaf, dumb and blind MONKEYS on the Supreme Court.  Overcoming this Criminal Fraudulent Government is at least as important as the funding. It is a NEW WORLD ORDER COMMUNIST/FACIST GOVERNMENT. They have sold our Sovereignty and our Freedom to the Money Interest. The rest of the ‘Western World’ is in the sewer with us. All of us have sold our souls to the ‘Company Store’. Only ‘The New’, the funding, the announcements, Our Business, the Constitution, debt forgiveness, etc., can save us and the rest of the West.


·       ‘Unfunded’ U.S. liabilities now exceed 116 Trillion Dollars.


·       If the Euro goes down as speculated above, the U.S. will be only hours behind. The ‘Dollar’ will crash. Is this what the ‘NEW’ is awaiting?


·       China’s Finance Minister said this week  “Europe is a tired, worn out, Welfare state”.  Obama wants the Euro Model for America.


·        Italian Ten Year now 6 ½%? Some say 7% is the trigger for contagious devastation.


·       Annie Oakley (Laurie Roth) announces she is a candidate for the Presidency. Check her web-site ‘Laurie Roth’. Already on the ballot in California.


·       Euro Banks leveraged 26 to 1 meaning a four percent decline in asset values equals bankruptcy. Attention world, ‘marked to market’ their ‘assets’ passed the 4% decline level long ago.


·       La Garde says IMF will not lend to the EFSF. So how can China money flow through?


·       45.8 million now on Food Stamps. How’s that ‘Hope and Change’ working out for you?


·       The G-20 left Europe having accomplished exactly ZERO as in President ZERO.


·       Obama and the European ‘Technocrats’ (NWO Flunkies) want and will try to pass a tax on every financial transaction, here and there. Tax Tax Tax, Spend Spend Spend, buy Votes Votes Votes. A chicken in every pot? No way Jose’, a Range Rover in every driveway  and a house for everyone –with no credit checks or income verification, Vote for me, I am your personal ATM machine.  Put the Democrats in charge of the Sahara Desert and there would soon be a shortage of sand. Turning vast segments of society into Govt. Dependents is not compassion. The Liberal Elites PURCHASE the votes of those who have no concept of ‘the big picture’ or knowledge of who pays for their ‘free ride’. It is your next door neighbor who pays, Stupid Liberal. You know, the one with three kids who works three jobs just to get by?


·       Even the Keynesian King KRUGMAN says he is expecting a gigantic run on Italian Banks. “Emergency Bank Closings. The Center is Not Holding”.


·       Europe’s  ‘Rescue Fund’, the EFSF, intended to sell Bonds to raise additional rescue capital. At the last minute the offering was withdrawn citing “Market Conditions” which simply means  there were no ‘greater fools’ available that day.


·       U.S. Banks are involved in 97% of all Credit Default Swaps. What happens if the Rating Agencies can’t be Blackmailed or Bought and declare the 50% haircut on Greek Debt a DEFAULT which it obviously is?  That puts the CDS’s in play and since they have all insured against each other and each is the others ‘counter-party’ what happens, IMO, is akin to throwing a goat into a pond of starving piranha.


Let’s call it a day shall we? Those that say ‘today or tomorrow’ are continuing to say it day after day, week after week. It’s time for them to be right  don’t you think?  Maybe this time. WE want them to be right although our Intel does not agree with them. Maybe the ‘test’ at 2p.m. tomorrow has something to do with something.  The existing system is stretched to the max and drowning in Debt.  It can’t last much longer.



Casper   11-8-11