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7.12.12 Casper

Do not let this scare you.  Chew on the pieces and realize there are some good morsels in this and some need discarded.

7.12.12 Casper

The latest White Hat Report (#44) was rather disconcerting don’t you think?

I can’t wait for their next one explaining the real hidden ‘secret agenda’ of the cabal, something bigger and more important than the ‘Financial Programs’ which are just a diversion and a cover story they say.

Reading between the lines and reading the lines themselves (Dulce, Groom Lake, etc.) it appears their upcoming explanation of this update might have something to do with UFO’s, E.T.’s, etc.. Just a guess. They are obviously very frustrated to learn that the Governments and their ‘ABC’ agencies are unwilling to do anything about the massive worldwide fiat financial corruption. All have been bought by and are now owned by the Banks and their owners (the Cabal). This includes almost every one of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congress’s and Parliaments of ‘Western Nations’ especially the G-8 which is doing all possible to hang onto the Status Quo. WE do not believe the White Hats know much about or have anything to do with ‘Our Business’. They have their own universe of activity and are the leaders in that arena.

An ‘interdependence’ occurs because it is unlikely Our Business will fund until the Cabal is dealt with which is the thrust of their activity. Personally I think a complete failure of the fiat system renders most of these considerations mute meaning that the worst of the worst gets arrested but cleaning up the existing system is not necessary as it is to fail and be taken down completely. Again I am guessing and expressing an opinion.

Meanwhile the most recent bailout of Europe and its banks is not progressing very well nor ‘timely’. The German Court has put off decisions till the fall, maybe longer, leaving E.U. officials wringing their hands. The banks were provided Billions of Euro’s by their Central Banks and the Fed which they promptly ‘invested’ in their country’s Sovereign Debt which has about as much value now as their Derivatives Assets. What a joke, what a scam, around and around we go and who knows where the magic fiat ball bounces next. Spain says their banks must have 500B not the recently agreed upon 110B euro’s but the ‘Emergency Fund’ from whence the funds are to come is as yet un-capitalized. These fruit cakes (bankers) are more ‘upside down’ than Las Vegas homeowners.

Regarding the internet reports of an 83T tranche of funds ‘released on July 1st’ this is false just as reported by ‘A Guardian’. This is digits on the computers not live money. All 83T will not procure one cup of coffee.

Regarding the ongoing reports of the Dinar RVing, not true either. Funds are not liquid. There is activity. Preparations by individuals and banks for ‘Some Day’, but no actual liquidity. No other major increments of funds such as ‘Wanta’, etc. are available either. This can change at any time based upon schedules unknown to us but as of today none of these ongoing claims are true. Our sources continue to say the Dinar can never R.V. as a ‘standalone’ happening but only in the context of the world’s currencies RVing simultaneously. Investment Banking Sources tell us the sale of Dinar’s worldwide has raised Billions and Billions of cash dollars for the ‘Sellers’ through a Worldwide Brokerage Distribution Network which is preparing to pay ‘commissions’ to all those ‘salesmen’ who helped push the Dinars onto the public. Who are ‘The Sellers’? WE don’t know for sure but have reported many times during the last twelve months that our sources have said from the very beginning of Dinar Sales on the internet that this is a scam being run by Bush Senior and Maliki. Remember? Did your friendly Dinar Salesperson do you a favor and get you into something that will make you a great deal of money? Or did he sell you toilet paper for a commission as part of a Worldwide Ponzi Scheme? Time will tell.

LIBOR interest rates were manipulated up AND down on a world scale by participating banks and whomever they shared the ‘insider scoop’ with. Now think about this. 800T derivatives contracts out there says the BIS, Quads say other sources each having ‘counter-parties’ taking opposite sides of the financial wager. Eighty or more percent (I recall reading somewhere) of all derivatives are OTC ‘Interest Rate’ Derivative Contracts valued according to the movement of interest rates up or down. Those ‘in the know’ (participating banks and their allies) were able to literally STEAL from those counterparties who were not aware of what tomorrows rate manipulation would be. It is surprising and somewhat baffling that my fellow ‘flame throwers’ such as Max Kaiser and Nigel Farage have not hit the air waves with a discussion of this. It seems to me that Class Action Lawsuits will be forth coming from all who were on the losing side of these hundreds of trillions of dollars (nominal value) of derivatives transactions. Perhaps the reason why it hasn’t happened already is that most of the participants, on both sides of the contracts, are banks. Talk about a snake eating its tail. If this analysis is half correct what a quandary the bad guys are in. ‘Exposure’ of this historically unprecedented corruption by dozens of the world’s biggest banks acting in concert for years will make it almost impossible to continue to bail these western mega banks, IMO, without a public admission by ‘The Authorities’ (Governments) that they are in on the scam which, by the manipulation of ALL interest rates, screws the worlds people every business day. And, since this comes down to ‘members of the family’ (banks) screwing each other, how do they continue to do business with the same counter-parties tomorrow now that the transaction losers realize they have been screwed? It is as if they are all in a big circle each holding a machine gun ‘waiting for the flag to drop’. And ‘outsiders’ such as hedge funds, corporations or rich individuals like Buffet who have been enticed into this world of ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’? Will they also file class actions? How could anyone say this is not RICO in spades? The extent of the Cabals ownership of the media, especially the financial media, is on display here. Virtually no reporting about the biggest financial scandal in world history. The ‘journalist’ whistle while Rome burns. Their silence is deafening. They are in bed with the banks and the Cabal and deserve their fair share of tar and feathers. Do you realize that every previous bailout charged to taxpayers here or in Europe was nothing more than corrupt Governments shoveling the public’s funds to corrupt/criminal financial institutions? IMO it will not be necessary to await court decisions as the ‘unfolding’ renders the verdict undeniable. Also remember that these manipulated toilet paper derivatives contracts are carried as ‘assets’ on the bank’s balance sheets which tells you what their ‘asset base’ is really worth.

Cities everywhere declaring bankruptcy. Municipal Bond Investors losing everything. Employee Pension Benefits up in smoke. Retirees screwed. Jobs? Bankruptcies and hiring don’t go together. All go the way of Detroit bankrupted by Democrat Politicians who threw opium (other people’s money) around like confetti until one day they reach into the public purse and found it empty. All they cared about was buying re-election so they used other people’s money to achieve that end until suddenly there was no more. The most incompetent people become politicians. Do the people deserve the coming consequences?

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