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Books on the Federal Reserve worth Reading

If you desire to understand our banking system, you need to research and read read read.  I realize there is just about everything out there that will fit your point of view but when it comes to banking, there is little info.  This is because they do not want us to know who – what and where about it.  We go to a bank, deposit our checks and get a  little cash and then go about our business thinking our money is safe.  Banking is a business run by the elite of the world.

Now as you start this journey into understanding our banking system, you will go from hatred for being DOOPED to understanding that there has to be a system.  The problem with any system religous, political or otherwise is humans.  They get corrupted with greed.  In all honesty, I do not believe the original system was meant to be the way it is now.  Non the less, here we are and we definately have a corrupted system by some of our very own leaders that represent us.

Here is a book or two to read about how it all got started.  I may down the road go back farther than the Federal Reserve as it was an idea by someone/some group/some family and the people in the books are just puppets of that.

Books……………..(I have read all of these if not multiple times)

Secrets of The Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

The Fed by Martin Mayer