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Federal Reserve Contract Ends 2012

Franks info post RV from Jacque47

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 Franks info post RV from Jacque47

Post  Toucan Today at 7:13

FROM FRANK’s SITE – EMAILED TO ME[8:52:36 PM] Janice (soccermama): Federal reserve was established in 1913 and given a 99 year contract. That contract expires in 2012. Rumors are they will not be getting another contract which is why they would be gone. When the dinar RV’s and assuming it RV’s like most are expecting and predicting, this will cause a quick boost in the economy which will cause the dollar to increase in value and cause gold and silver to drop. But this will only be a temporary boost and will be short lived. Then the dollar will crash and gold and silver will skyrocket beyond anything ever imagined, BUT! And this is a BIG BUT! Be careful about buying gold. This is only my opinion but there has been WAY to much hype about buying gold, and usually when they tell the masses to do one thing it ends up being the opposite of what you should be doing. History has a bad tendency of repeating itself and I just can’t help but feel this may very well happen again. In 1933 FDR issued an executive order confiscating all the gold from the people. The people had to turn their gold in to their local banks and it was exchanged for federal reserve notes. And IF this was to happen again another thing to know is that while the market price for gold could be in thousands per ounce, Congress has never changed that value to keep up with the markets. The value of gold set by Congress is still set at around $42 per ounce. So if they were to confiscate the gold again they could come out and say you will only get $42 per ounce for it. When they replace the currency with a new currency it will be drastically devalued. Similar to how the Iraq dinar was devalued, but I don’t think to that degree. The dollar will likely be devalued by 90% where you would have to redeem your current dollars for the new currency where a $100 in federal reserve notes will be redeemed for $10 in new currency.This leaves us with two major concerns to be watching closely. One is they may do another gold confiscation again, and the other is if you cash out your dinar and have everything deposited in banks it could be devalued by 90% when replaced with the new currency. So I would buy everything you need immediately and pay cash for everything so you have no debt owed. Then find something safe to put all your wealth into instead of having it all sitting in a bank account. And I don’t mean keep a bunch of cash on hand because the cash today will be devalued against the new currency where you will have to redeem the current currency for the new currency once it comes out. So you need to find something to invest it in that would retain its value against a currency devaluation.Whether this would affect the dinar after it RV’s or not I wouldn’t know. One would think their currency would remain the same and actually increase in value against any new currency we get, but that also depends on whether they will just come out with a new currency for the US, Mexico and Canada, or if it will be a new world currency.There is no telling exactly what they will do, but one thing is almost certain and that is the dollar is going to completely collapse. It is only a matter when and most likely in the very near future here. So I personally don’t trust leaving anything in banks, including any valuables in safety deposit boxes, and I don’t trust buying gold. Silver would be better in my opinion, but it appears the silver supply is low and takes months to get orders filled now.

Buying lots of seed would probably be good because food prices will skyrocket and seed for planting food would seem to be a safe bet. Of course if they devalue the dollar by 90% and replace it with a new currency this could cause prices to come way down. Real estate will likely crash in value and would not be a good investment right now, other than paying off your personal home or paying cash for a new home if that is part of your plan once this RV’s.

For now I plan to pay cash for new home somewhere, buy up lots of supplies, and only cash in enough dinar to pay for that and hold the rest in dinar as long as there is no time limit to cash it out. And if we have to cash out sooner then I plan to cash out the higher denoms and just buy back the new lower denoms to replace it with. Then I don’t have to worry about cashing out the higher denoms. I also plan to buy up silver if I can get it.

The only other way I see anything changing for the better is if they get rid of the private banking cartels all together and go back to a government non-interest currency and where they do a complete jubilee forgiving all debts. Without that happening the system is going to completely collapse and this is what the elite are wanting to happen so they can usher in their new world order and one world government where they enslave the entire planet. Other groups are fighting this to prevent it from happening where there will be a jubilee. So hopefully they succeed, but until then, be very careful with where you put your new wealth and pay close attention to everything happening in the world. Otherwise you could wake up one morning where a banking holiday has been announced where the banks shut down for several days, only to learn they are issuing a new currency and all your money has just been devalued to 10 cents on the dollar wiping your new found wealth out. So plan ahead and be ready to move quickly to put your wealth into things that may be safe enough to protect its value once it RV’s.


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