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7.6.13 Alert to police and intelligence authorities

Sorry this is late.  I was out of town and was not able to update from my phone.  I will be posting some other things to get up to speed also 🙂

Ben Fulford: Alert to police and intelligence authorities.

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Peter L. Briger and Giancarlo Bruno have been directly implicated in electronic rigging of elections in Japan, Italy and Greece.

Peter L. Briger Jr. of Forrest Asset Management is a former Goldman Sachs Partner

His photo and profile can be viewed at the following link:

Forrest Asset Management, through several paper companies, controls Musashi Engineering. Musashi Engineering voting machines have an exclusive contract to count votes in Japan. They rigged the election victory of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe so that he could order the Bank of Japan to provide funds to the cabal. Briger is to be taken into custody and questioned ASAP.

Giancarlo Bruno is a senior P2 Freemason lodge operative. He was involved in the theft of $134.5 billion worth of Kennedy bonds in Italy during June of 2009. Bruno has also been deeply involved in the terror attacks against Syria. He is currently using a fraudulent Federal Reserve Board “trading platform” to finance the rigging of European elections in favor of Goldman Sachs personnel and fellow cabalists. Bruno is currently working with members of the Belgian “heart of darkness” royal family and the United Arab Emirates rogue state owned corporation Navayuga Middle East & Navayuga Spatial Technologies LLC to create a private defense and intelligence corporation. Message to Bruno: you will face justice.

A Photograph of Bruno can be seen here: