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The $3.87 Trillion Dollar Suite (CMKM or CMKX Hidden by Media)

I am putting this up here because I want to protect my reader base from the corruption that is all around us and in every market.  As of late, China found that the Gold the US had sold it was Gold plated and not pure .999 as it should have been.  I am reminded by words of my mentor (now passed) that said that 97% of all markets are owned by 3% of the people – the Elite that is.  They control the markets and swing them to make themselves money.  This piece I am presenting is not new per say but it is also not in the mainstream media for  consumption either.  IF you do research on “Naked Selling”, you will find you may not want any of your money in any market asset that is not tangible. 

(Oh yea, lots of people on PTR say CMKM which is CMKX is a hoax – what do you think now.  I do not go to bat to make them believe different but friends, I usually only post what I “Know” something about – This is just one case in the whole Global Settlements case – just one of many I could present.)

The $3.87 Trillion Dollar Suit Being Hidden from American People

CMKM Diamonds sting operation in 2004 found 2.4 Trillion shares of CMKM shares were sold that did not exist.

Obama Administration Puts A Price Tag On Constitutional Rights

August 23, 2010

by Brandon Matthews

We should all just sell every stock we own right now, whether in cash or retirement accounts. The financial system in the U.S. is little more than a game of three card monte. If you are an average working class American, you cannot win. The odds have been stacked against you. The promises of President Obama during his campaign for greater market visibility and market reform have been trashed. He lied to you. The dirty windows which obscured the public’s view of the stock markets were just painted over with thick black paint, rather than cleaned or replaced.

The recently signed into law FINREG bill has granted the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) what amounts to immunity from for any wrong-doing. Ironically, the bill contained no such language as it passed both the House of Representatives and The U.S. Senate. At some point between being passed by both Houses of Congress and President Obama signing it into law, section 9291 was added which specifically excludes the SEC from providing information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Why would someone go to so much effort to put this unpassed provision into a bill before it was signed by the President? The answer lies in trillions of dollars that are at stake from shareholders suing the SEC for negligence and other wrongdoings. Most people are familiar with the Bernie Madoff scandal, which ignited lawsuits across the country against the SEC for negligence. The story of CMKM Diamonds however, makes the Bernie Madoff scandal look like a grocery store robbery by comparison. This one peice of added language may enable the U.S. Government to steal $3.87 TRILLION from the shareholders of CMKM.