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10.15.13 Goat Post UU8392

Hi Everyone,

Last week the familie and I went to the Oktoberfest in Munich. We had a wonderful time!  As you may know transportation is very good in Germany and so we hopped on a train to the city. This revaluation reminds me of that train ride. We arrived at the station early so as not to miss the train. However in doing this we had to wait patiently with the anticipation for the train to arrive. It finally arrived on time as it always does. So I asked myself why did we arrive at the station so early?

Our Business of Today
This revaluation process for us is like my train ride to Munich last week. We were given the train schedule last April and anticipated the train to arrive on time. However it did not arrive. Sicne then again and again it was announced that the train would arrive and again we sat and waited in great anticipation. We knew, like I knew last week, that once I got on that train the next stop was going to be a wonderful time. But when will the train arrive? We still sit and wait. Today is Tuesday October 15th already and we were told our train would arrive for sure last Thursday October 10th. So what happened? Sorry this is going to be a long email once again.

We can all see that nothing in this process of the GCR is going as  planned. These changes are not the IMF decisions but a matter of compromises on the part with the USA. So who are the players in this plan? Let’s look at who is involved in this event. Maybe we can then understand what is going on.

On one hand we have the government of Iraq. There were many obligations that they had to satisfy to even get to a level where they could revaluate their provisional currency and bring it back to an international status. They have now met all these requirements. There is nothing else for Iraq to do. In fact technically they have already had their RV in country and are now working in this manner. However they can not officially go international until the GCR is released. This is creating some difficulties for them. What do they now think of the USA? I have said in my past post that this would happen if the GCR was held up any longer.

Next there is the UN with the IMF in this case watching over the process and the gatekeepers of it. The IMF is also orchestrating this GCR as this is their master minded plan to save the world’s economies. This event will occur. Believe me when I say the worst global depression ever is just a matter of seconds away if you knew what was really going on in the larger scale. They wanted the rollout of the GCR to be completed long before now like last April. The next set of players are all the developed nations of the world  and in particular the USA. This GCR plan is in conflict with the master plan for the Middle East (as planned by the USA) however we all know they blended the plans together to make the GCR work. A lot of compromises have already been made. This is our first delay in 2011.

A Little More History
I hope you do not mind that I have taken some time to give a short history of the players in this GCR in order for you to be able to see where we are today. Please be patient and read on as you will begin to see the light and it will all make sense as I describe how the players come into this drama. So let’s begin.

I do know for a fact that the IMF ( part of the UN) is now looking at the USA as an obstacle in the process of the GCR. Yes, you heard it correctly. The USA is now a liability and it is felt in the upper circles of the IMF and was also discussed at the recent G20 summit in Washington DC last week behind closed doors that the USA is no longer going to be a leader in the global financial arena. This happened due to the lack of  fiscal responsibility as a nation. We have to ask ourselves this – Was the USA ever a fiscal responsible nation? Once it decided to get off the gold standard it would be just a matter of time before the inevitable happened.  What are they planning to do about it now?

As history is written there were many pros and cons in going strictly to a gold backed standard for currencies. If you think about it anything can really back a currency if there is value to it. All you need is someone (the holder of the note) to believe in the certificate. It is all about perception. So why in the past was gold used as a backing for currencies?  Why do some still insist on the strict  use of gold.. The answer to this question is simple. It is all about control. Take a scarce resource, maintain control over it and you maintain the wealthy you need. The more scarce the more value. With this wealth you maintain power through the ability to buy armies. Who do you control?  You control your  citizens and your neighboring countries. The more control the more power. Power soon extends beyond your boarders and drives yet more riches from conquests.

So to make a long story short in todays world the IMF has decided to no longer strictly use the “gold” standard as the measure of wealth or use fiat currency (not backed by anything, just a speculative currency). Now precious metals and other assets will be used for this purpose. If we look at what the IMF is now doing in a logical sense, with the GCR and the Basel III compliance, we can see that this is needed. After all in the not so distant past if you had 2 dairy cows and someone gave you an IOU for them (which might have valued at a perceived value of an ounce of gold) but since you do not have the wealth to posses the gold you may never see the gold but eventually trade this same IOU for 10 sacks of grain because 10 sacks of grain would be worth the same amount of a perceived ounce of gold or the 2 dairy cows. Understand? Later as society progressed some did posses gold but rather than farmer Joe giving farmer Jim an ounce of gold for the 2 cows and then farmer Jim turning around and handing the ounce of gold right back to farmer Joe for the 10 sacks of grain an IOU system was developed and would be much more efficient and easy to carry around. This then evolved to a paper currency. If a country were to stay strictly at using gold for payment of this transaction (i.e gold coins for currency), still only one ounce of gold would be needed to back my example. But two transactions were made. How could this be? Only one ounce of gold needed? Can you see how less gold would be needed, if there was no time delay? Also without the gold for the transaction in this example, the transaction  may have never happened since the farmers in this case are poor and do not possess any gold. Commerce would stop and society in this village or between villages would not flourish. Many items not produced in one village could not be obtained from another village. The quality of life would be lowered.

So a standard measure for trade must be established. To standardize and maintain this sense of value, the government thus steps in. They would regulate and standardize the IOUs process by printing money in it’s place. If they back this printed money with gold, then they standardize the measurement and everyone then knows that the 2 cows are worth two $100 bills or an once of gold or the 10 sacks of grain are worth two $100 bills or an ounce of gold. Money then flows freely and trade and commerce can then bring the wealth to the villages. People then become affluent and live in abundance. But in this example you will  need 2 ounces of gold. One for each $100 bill.

Can you understand now how everything got messed up once the USA decided to go off the gold standard and began printing money for IOU but did not have anything to back the standardization of the value of the notes. Lets look at what really happened and why the USA got off the gold standard.

First let me say that if you were living back in those times, when the USA decided to go off the gold standard, you might not have thought this was such a bad idea. Since in the short term this process was very good for the USA and the entire world since it allowed for a large influx of the US dollar currency in to the markets. The USA could now print money at will instead of first gaining the wealth in gold to back it. They did this to create a huge demand for the US dollar and to allow the banks to loan out money to the citizens and to the government. This became a way to finance wars and to finance society. If you go back and study how president FDR had to finance the WWII effort you would better understand. This has all changed.

So if you do not have gold backing you currency you can literally print as much as you like. Oh…an opportunity for corruption ! You can then spend as much as you like. Oh…yet another opportunity for corruption ! Too much in circulation causes inflation (higher prices). You set up regulators (Federal Reserve) to keep tabs on it so the supply of money stays just where you need it to keep everything in a state of relative stability. prices go up but the Feds keep it under control. Printed currency then can take on the same levels of confidence the gold once had. Can it? Does it really?  No- not really!

As I said above this wealth brings power and power brings control. Once you have this control you can do yet more of what you want to do regardless of the international laws. You can create and afford war to sustain yet more control, also the banks can loan out yet more money to create an affluent society and all the wonderful concepts like private home ownership, two cars in every garage, vacations, college loans, etc. Money flows and life is good. But for how long?

In the past the rest of the world  looked at the USA and would marvel at what they saw. What they saw were large grocery stores, countless sky scraper buildings, jobs, a booming economy, paved roads, bridges and opulence. Life seemed much better in the USA than in their country. But what they did not see was the eventual hidden monster lurking behind the curtain. Eventually this has to catch up since how much money could the government borrow and pay interest on before the interest on the debt far out weighted the total revenues of the country. Soon there is no more money from revenues to fund items for society’s needs. Like it or not the USA is a socialistic capitalistic society since the tax revenue is supposed to be redistributed by the government for the benefit of society as a whole. The voting process decides who get paid what and what programs are put in place. Is this system working now in the USA? Today what is now really happening to the revenues of the UST?  Why is the system broken?

On one hand the politicians know it’s show time. They know they can not keep business as usual since all the revenues will surely be going towards the interest on the national debt very shortly. So how does the USA then pay it’s other bills?  This is the real debate going on now in Washington right now. It is time to decide how this is going to be managed before its too late.

We all know that the USA posses large amounts of Iraq dinar as reserve currency. We all heard recently that Jack Lewis proposed using some of these reserves to pay off the US debt. But this was to help assist in paying off the bills not the national debt. If this is true then how was this done without an RV?  Oh wait…did the RV already happen?

Last Wednesday there was a negotiated extension of the debt ceiling until mid November 2013. This was to give more time to review ways to reduce gov’t spending and to negotiate and repeal parts of the Affordable HealthCare bill. Last weekend another agreement was discussed and is on the table for voting in today’s session. This agreement will give the government deficit spending extension until early 2014. There is political leverage being used by both parties- 1) is the holding up of the GCR by one party (the current democratic administration) and 2) the hold up of the funding for the Affordable HealthCare bill (the republican held seats in Congress).  The democrats or republicans both don’t really care if the GCR ever happens.

In the meantime prior to early 2014, the GCR must take place and lay the groundwork for the eventual paying off the US national debt. The questions now to be asked are how much of the debt will they payoff? and when will this process begin?  This is the timing for our GCR. I believe this must occur very shortly if not this week. Watch for an agreement in your government early this week. This will be the first sign of implementation of this process. This was planned to begin last week. I also want to state that both party members (bankers and lawyers) have had it way too good for too long and do not want to give it all up. Give what up …you might ask? Give up the trillions of US dollars being taken from the American people in the largest scam in history. They do it legally by forcing the constant debt on the American people in the name of progress. But in reality look at the results and see where the USA now is. Are we now under such prosperous times in USA? See what they have done to destroy the USA as part of this scheme. This was all done for short term greed. I have recommended some reading list in one of my recent emails and I hope all have had the opportunity to do some reading.

So in ending this email let me ask you just one more question. If you had a gravy train and you legally maneuvered yourself into a position of making billions of dollars each and every month would you want to give it all up for the sake of making maybe a few more billion on a one time shot of a revaluation of a currency? Of course not!

People keep asking this same question on the intel calls and I also get lots if emails on this topic too. It’s as if you think these politicians holding up this GCR have so much at stake to lose in lost money from the revaluation if it does not happen.  They do not ! Don’t be so naive.  Believe me they have far much more to lose from doing it than to gain from doing it. I hope you now understand. This is the why they hold it up. This GCR is the beginning of the eventual end of their scamming the American people since the inception of the Federal Reserve. Just have patients. Eventually, if nothing else, the GCR will be forced out and it will occur. That time is coming near. As I have said above the IMF are the real gatekeepers of this process. They have been very patient with the USA but this is about to end.

Hopes this helps everyone.

Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat