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9.1.13 A Storm is Underway

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If you  would allow me I would like use this post to give an analogy that was given to me by someone I highly respect.  I am doing this so most can understand the urgency of my news today. Please do not begin to read and dismiss the information and tell yourself that you already know all this stuff without reading the entire post. This would definitely be your loss.

So what is the hold up in getting the Iraq currency from a provisional status to one that is  international and activated?

I could write a book on this topic and maybe someday I will but for now let me simply list the reasons why we have not yet seen the activation of the rates. At the end of this post  I have listed some sources of information so that you can read and teach yourself a little more afterwards. All these references are worth reading and very applicable to today’s situation. Maybe you have some others too you are willing to share with the readers?

So here are the major issues we are dealing with today-
1.Past implementation of Globalization the wrong way- pro corporation vs the labor movement
2,Plans to keep the average person in debt which means a never ending the national debt for the USA
3.Plans for the USA to pay for the interest on the debt through massive taxation at levels  the average citizen has never yet seen in history (a bill is already proposed for this)
4.Plans to use the money from the IQD reserves in the USA as a hidden slush fund for the elite rather than pay off the national debt in its entirety….surprise, surprise! Will they get away with this?
5.Plans to attack Syria and have yet another war to keep the military industrial complex monster fed….lol…
6.The deception to the world on the level of actual terrorism and who is perpetrating it. Is it really just the radical middle eastern Muslims? Was 911 actually a terrorist job or from inside the US government?

The battle is now underway between the national banking system, the security agencies and those that know about these future plans. Who will win?

Did you ever notice how a thunderstorm moves into your area? You can look at the horizon and see the flashing lights in the distance and hear the low grumbling of the thunder. Maybe a few small raindrops every now and then . If you weren’t paying attention you might miss it altogether. But when the storm hits you finally know its come since it is so sudden and nasty. So let me tell you now about the thunderstorm that has been brewing for a very long time and is now just coming to the front and is about to hit us.  Is it too late to get out of the rain?

This past April  we witnessed the first real attempt to try to RV this IQD currency with the existing technology in place, with the changes to Babylon II and other systems deemed necessary. It did not go so well. There was lack of integration between the applications and files and they could not easily be downloaded to all their destinations. The CIX was them implemented early and  as a result and we all saw or read about the exchanges and the effects while testing. Now they are ready to go. This is not all new news and has been explained many times to us all. Just wanted to set the stage for what comes next.

So what now is the hold up?
This is what I have been told. Since it took so long to get the changes/fixes in place to even make the RV possible, now this has RV has moved to the political front and is being used as leverage to get what one side wants. I mentioned this in one of my last posts that this could happen if it was dragged out any longer.  It has been made a political issue. I do feel sorry for Iraq and someday these politicians holding this up should suffer the consequences for what they are doing to the poor people of the nation of Iraq.

So what do “they” want?
First let me address who “they” are since some members email me and are asking me to tell them who is holding this up. To answer this question let me ask you something. Do you invest in stocks? Do you really care who is at the helm of the corporation you invest and is authorizing the dividends to shareholders or do you just want to know you are getting paid as an investor? Does it really matter? So why is this any different?  If you must know it is a group of individuals that have hijacked democracy in the USA.

Wow ! I said it…..yes that is exactly what I mean.
The storm is raging. This group of individuals have lied on the extent of terrorism, instigated the 911 disaster, and now want to go into Syria to continue this insanity. The truth has now surfaced. It’s the same mentality that has plagued the Whitehouse since Abraham Lincoln. You know who they are. You see the actors. The faces may change but they can’t hide. They are doing the same old dirty work of the elite. They pretend to give us some form of democracy but when the rules are not in their favor they ignore the system, change the rules or just plain ignore the citizens that cry out for justice. Eventually all the players in this game will be taken to justice I can assure you.  I do not yet know how it will all play out but I can assure you this party and free for all on the precious treasures of you nation will not go on for much longer!

Okay you are now saying to yourself that mnt goat has gone over the edge….right?
Well let me tell you this. Do you know  “The Road Not Taken”. This is the road. It is scary but the truth must be told. If you want to know the truth it may shock you and you may see it as total fiction and maybe unbelievable but let me tell you this battle wages right now as I write this post. This is the battle they fight each and everyday. You will never hear about this in the news media. This is why I wrote of my news last Friday. This is why I was telling you last Weds we can see clearly now. Did you read my posts? If the status quo wins we get the $20.50 (plan A) rate or higher if the other side wins we get the $3.68+ (plan B) rate. Now which would you rather get? Do you know who sponsors each plan ? Would you rather have this huge sum of money and in a few years have it all taken away anyhow on these new tax laws, more fascism and then have to watch your country be sold down the toilet or would you rather support a group of people who are trying to make justice work and straighten out this whole mess and make it right? It’s a power grab. To make everyone agree to it they must implement measures only used in desperate times like lying, cheating,  spying, false arrest, confiscation of private property, etc…. these are all the methods of desperate people. Do you see now why you are seeing more and more of this in the USA these days?
Is this the right way to live?
Do you expect more from your government ?  Then tell them so!  What are you waiting for?
Are you all asleep?
I only bring this up because there are so many comparisons to Nazi Germany…and believe me you don’t want to get to this “absolute power” stage. But I see it is coming in the near future if something is not done.

-Do you like all the illegal spying and wire tapping?

-Do you enjoy not being able to know the truth because all the major news media has been censored and run by one big conglomerate?

-Do you like to have your home searched and you property illegally seized without warrant or legal justification? Trust me it only takes once and they you will know.

-Do you like being called a radical or a terrorist because you are standing up for your rights?

-Do you know what is coming next?  I will tell you. There is an entirely new US Constitution written and waiting to be implemented. Did you know that? They plan to implement it under the cover of dark just as they implemented the individual income tax and turned over the monetary policy of your nation to the private bankers. Like putting the fox in the hen house……

What can we expect in the coming days?
As your president Obama has said in his address on Friday that they have not yet made a decision on how they will progress on Syria. He flat our lied when he said there was definitive evidence of chemical gas usage by the Assad regime. There is no such evidence. Is he being lied to? I know for a fact that the gas attacks in Syria we carried on by US backed rebels in Syria. So why was the world lied to?

Sounds like the speech before the UN in 2003 all over again does it not?  Trying to justify an attack once again. The UN security council has not yet approved any action. So we wait. Remember president GW Bush went before the council 3 times before they granted the sanctions on Iraq. So how long must we now wait?

When you see the Syrian crisis go away without an attack we will then get our RV within days later. Look for this in news. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you. This is the holdup right now. What will they do? The current US administration is trying to use the Iraq dinar revaluation as leverage to get what they want. I told you what they want. They are trying to negotiate staying in power. They are loosing the battle. Syria is not the real war being fought. The real war is right inside your own government. Will the good politicians  be vigilant, have the fortitude, the support and enough guts to respect  the US constitution and to do the right thing or will they be pasties for this plan of war and fascism. Oh .. believe me it this war goes on as planned you can count on some nasty things in the future you will absolutely not like. This could be stopped now.

Meanwhile – the larger picture
I have tried to give you some more pieces to the puzzle in this news today. I hope you are able to see more of what is really going on behind closed doors. Do you now know who is holding up the RV?

We are hearing lots of news about the Vatican these days. If I were you I would try to absorb it and listen. There is lots of truth in what you are hearing. Try to learn the truth. But remember too there are those bent of making mischief out of sound information too and using this info to create fear and get you all hyped up. Be careful !  Remember too that if you are Roman Catholic, and your beliefs are strong enough in Christ and his teachings, this Vatican stuff should not shake you from your spiritual foundation – church or no church. There are many good parishes and priest who dedicate their lives to helping you spiritually. I can see many of them splitting off from Rome in the near future anyhow. We need to bring more spirituality into our lives at this time of crisis not less. The evil powers are working in strange ways. Do you believe in these evil entities?

Our timeline
I do not expect this Syrian crisis to last much longer. I expect the good to win and the attack will not occur. There is too much at stake to risk it all for such nonsense. As I have said it is not about saran gas attack. They have other plans to control the region without this attack. Will the UN security council give them the go ahead? Watch the news. It is about controlling the region and its resources. Never about humanitarian efforts. Believe me! Why would they care about the Syrian people? They don’t even care about their own US citizens. These are not nice people!

I personally know of US Marines that were told to get ready for their units to deploy to the middle east two weeks ago. They have now been told to stand down. So I see another window coming up for possibly getting this RV. I will know more once we get past Tuesday of this coming week. There are reasons for this I can not tell you. I do think we will see the $3.68 rate or maybe even up to $5.25.

Excellent Future Reading:
You can not separate the issues involved as to why the trigger is not yet pulled on this RV. It is multi-facet. Everything else is either the means to the end or just a distraction to keep us from dealing with the real issues at hand.

These issues are all related to:
1)  the worlds energy demand (who will control the resources? ),
2) globalization (corporate greed and misuse of the resources solely for short term profits),
3) the financial dilemma (banking conglomerate greed),
4) Future of our society as we know it today (we are at risk of losing everything to fascism and a state run society)

Remember when the power is finally transferred to the wealthy and taken from you, the citizen, the government becomes absolute. Absolute power breeds corruption.

The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin

Energy Victory by Robert Zubrin

Globalization and its Discontents by Joseph E. Stiglitz

Alternatives to the Economics of Globalization [ a better world is possible] by the International Forum on Globalization

One World by Peter Singer

The Bilderberg Group by Danial Estulin
The Coming Battle (its here now) by Martin Wetzel Walbert

Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain

The GAIA Project [the earths coming great changes] by Hwee-Yong Jang

I truly hope all this helps you.

Peace and Luv to ya,

mnt goat