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9.12.13 UU8734 Not till October

Hi Everyone,

Today I spent some time playing with the children. As my Mutter always would say- teach your Kinder well and they will grow up to be outstanding citizens. In the process, however, I have learned that sometimes a little harsh words awaken their spirit and make then realize a bad dead and so they are not likely to repeat it again. Hope you all understand this clearly !

In all do fairness some of you people do not deserve this post and I hesitated to post any more news, however I know as in every flock of sheep there is always the wolves prowling around too. That is a fact of life. We can’t always ignore the wolves since they can devour the sheep and ruin the flock but we can assist in preventing them from their devastation.

If you hope to learn from elders and their experience, as they are trying to teach information about this RV process, then you must be still and LISTEN ! Just listen! Don’t go off on a tangent because a word or a few phrases in a post set your mind off wondering with some “what if” scenarios. Just listen and absorb, learn !  That is the purpose of my post.

In past post UU5281 dated  08/14/13 I talked about an upcoming Iraq National Meeting the significance of the timeline of this meeting. What do we now hear in the Iraq news?  We hear now about this upcoming national meeting and why they are having it now. Pay attention to it.

In past post UU5533 dated 09/03/13  I talked about another possible alternative course of action that could be taken to settle the Syrian crisis and for us to watch and see how it plays out.

In past post UU5423  dated  09/07/13  I talked about an upcoming speech that your president Obama would give to talk about the direction as to how the Syrian crisis would be handled. I hope you did all pay attention to it last Tuesday 09/13 ?

In past post UU3333  dated  09/09/13  I also talked about 3 events and how the plan now is to coordinate them to a new timeline. Remember this is a dynamic situation and it flows as time passes. There are underlying objectives to the plan to accomplish and by doing so this will get us the RV. The plan changed. Pay attention! Here is the new plan as I get the news.

1. the rollout of the new Treasury Notes (planned in early October 2013)

2.the agreements needed for the Prosperity funds and how they will be distributed. (all agreements are now signed but still not sure how funds are to be distributed)

3.the unforeseen technical issues of just getting the new rates and needed files sent to the banks so the physical revaluation can even take place for the 190+ currencies, something never done before. They did this so if and when they are ready to pull the trigger on this global currency reset they are ready.  (already done and past news, this is ready to go! )

Are you connecting the dots yet? These are all now related events.

So now in this post I talk about some knew news of what is now going on in Iraq and with the Syrian crisis.

First let me talk a bit about events in Iraq that I have received from my Iraq sources. I have to tell you there are a ton of articles coming our now in Iraq from the parliament, the finance ministry and the CBI about the URGENT need to complete the project to remove the zeros NOW or suffer economic and financial issues soon. Just recently there is talk about maybe passing a law that will give them a timeline to accomplish this task. Why are they now coming out with having to pass a law to do it? We all know there has been stalling and we know why. But does everyone in the Iraq government know that it is being intentionally stalled and they await the green light from the USA? Perhaps this recent article is telling us that some actually don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes as we do. Remember there are hundreds of politicians in Iraq and lose lips sink ships. …lol….This does not a surprise me since they are trying to cover up this too. They have to hide the fact that Iraq CBI is not being in the full control of their RV as much as they can. Let’s hope they do commit to this new law since this will be yet another layer of pressure on the USA to get these rates international.

Somethings to watch for-
If this talk about a new law to force to the completion of the project to remove the zeros simply fads away in the sunset and we never hear about it again, then we can rest assure this is in fact yet more evidence that what we have been told this RV is out of Iraq’s hands has been proven true once again.

The Syrian crisis of course now has become a new event, our 4th event  added to our watch list (as stated  above). This has just now come on the radar but very significant to us. I will talk also how it is related to our revaluation of the currency for our investment.

We will not see a revaluation until early October sometime. Read my lips…not see any rates go live until October 2013. I do not care what anyone else tells you on these calls. Sit back and relax, it is coming but not maybe as soon as you are thinking. The decision has already been made at the top levels to wait. Even after negotiations are completed and all documents are signed in Switzerland, there is still going to be lag in time between then and the RV. All these events must coordinate now together. Why are they doing this?  Go read my post UU3333 it explains it all to you.

I hope this helps. I do not take the time to compose these post for my health. I do them to try to assist us all in figuring out what is going on. We all want a date and a rate. Connect the dots and have what you want, until the plan changes, if it does.

I do not see how it can change at this point. It is like sitting at the edge of the cliff, or maybe sitting on a time bomb might be better analogy. I alluded to this one of my other recent post too. The USA is going to have to make a decision soon on how they are going to handle the debt ceiling. Are they going to try to extend it again or will there no longer be a need to extend it?  What is their real objective? Are you hearing me? What do you think?  Which of these events has the farthest out timeline?  Follow the money…..

Hope this helps the good 80% of TNTDINAR members. The other 20% can go back to PTR to get their news.

Peace and Luv to you all (as always),
mnt goat
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