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Good Times

Greetings and Salutations;

There’s plenty of news to give people pause on the future. It’s enough to give everyone a reason to go running into the sunset with their hair on fire, if they choose to believe nothing is being done about it. Bad news always has a greater impact on people and gets the lion share of the reporting. This is the paradigm we are departing from. People naturally feel ‘something’ huge is taking place and it’s creating a lot of vexing in the guts. One thing they could never manage was people’s personally moving past the media circus and getting things on an inner level….defying the out picturing of things. Someone has come out of the mists, with the authority to end this saga and bring forth all the world awaits. To open that omega doorway into the alpha of the future. … _Fund.html

Look at this, more things afoot right next door;

If you just listen to all the boo birds, you might buy this; It’s simply the end of the corporation’s dream for america;

This has been going on for weeks, yet it’s only now going public. Shades of the 60’s but it’s for a different reason;

Merkel just won’t quit. There will be no 4th reich, nor a dissolution of the euro … mark-redux

She’s already been confronted by someone from the family who promised to put her business on the street. I guess she wants to test the veracity of the folks in the rafters. Oh well, they’ll be plenty of surprises to go around in the coming days and weeks. and as the man said in europe, we shall all be talking about this 100 years from now….the day the world changed. Don’t get into arguments with people about your view point, it’s a waste of time, everyone has Need to be right…when what they Need to do is shut up and watch the ineffable transpire. You can’t save anyone don’t try. The world is moving on and in action right now. Wax your surf board, these are big waves, ride them all the way to the beach. Hang 10 dudes and dudets, it’s an adventure of a lifetime. Good luck and have a good one.

Love and Kisses,