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10.9.11 Poof Reports

Poof report October 9

Greetings and Salutations,
Now, if we follow Dante’s version of heck, we are on the first level, can see the light under the door and thru the key hole, see the warden coming with the keys, to open it. The us’ past and present have been adjudicated in the world court. I did not know if these things would transpire before or after, the announcements. Now I have learned they decided to handle the legalities now, to abort any future law suit attempts, by the guilty parties. Whether, we americans believe, the world court has any jurisdiction over our system, I assure it does. The guilty parties wouldn’t have filed there if it had no jurisdiction. This ends the tyranny that began in 1871. Visually, people will start seeing those fringe flags disappearing, out of the courts and other places they have had common placement.

While the media and some of the presidential candidates are playing football with the OWLs up on wall St, the folks protesting the bankers, truth is, we are doing the 60’s again….and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into war protests, before it’s all said and done. This is the place, the folks who’ve been in control, never wanted to see again. The bankers got bailed out and the people got stuck with the bill and can’t even get a loan, because the bankers are ‘uncertain’. I bet they are certain about what’s in that subzero refrigerator they got in the kitchen.

This man has been in the back ground prognosticating for some time now. He crunches things in a different fashion then most…kind of like steve jobs did at apple. People ‘feel it’ but no one has been verbalizing it to the point they can understand so, anxiety rises, the sales of the pink stuff skyrockets. When the people lose faith, they don’t care what political party you tag your self with. Centrism always wins…what’s good for the whole. Like your body, if the body parts all argued, that would send you to the hospital. It’s like the old joke about the parts of the body arguing about who was more important in the body, and the silent part, the ‘anus’, just closed up saying nothing, causing all other parts to stop operating correctly. That’s action over, diatribe. There’s one in the middle of the mix right now and I doubt many spotted him yet. Too many emotions for people to see clearly. Anger should be focussed, blind rage is exactly that, blind.

I’m tired of holding up the torch, and now that the court has ruled, I feel secure about setting it down and letting you folks safely board the big ship, as you see fit. The rules are simple, ‘do unto others as you would want done to you’. Is that really so hard? Don’t worry about revenge, justice will be carried out and you can watch it on your tv, if you’d like. I’m old enough to remember, seeing a bunch of trials from ww2 coming on tv. This time, I’m not watching, I’m turning my back on the whole shooting match and go enjoy myself doing something else. Time to become the ‘new human’ and leave the neanderthals behind. We won’t be driving model T’s anymore and we won’t be paying for electricity anymore, sounds like change to me. See ya, Mr Slate.

Yabba dabba dooooo!
The person who needed the power to perform, now has it so, everyone hang onto their shorts.

Love and Kisses;