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5.5.13 What a Week

Poofness Update – What a Week, May 5, 2013

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Greetings and Salutations,

So the mess that blew up last week, required major surgery. new CEOs, whole parts of banks being hit with kirby vacuums. No matter folks banks Will, be basel 3 compliant under the new banking system. Regardless of the ‘pukem’, spread on the web, the new is arriving and the masses are not forgotten in it. You are the future of this planet, not the bad guys. So it is written, so it will be.

Thank you all for the prayers for my continuance. My job keeps going. I celebrate your ability to hold your ground and a promise, made so long ago. That day of arrival is shortly and like a lightning bolt on a clear day. Consultations upon request.

Love and Kisses,