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Getting Rid of Debt Collectors

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – A Must Read

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – Get help with your debit problems.

If you are having issues with credit cards or other debt I urge everyone to look at the information below and listen to the calls and review the documents. I think everyone will be very suprised how easy it is to shut down debt collectors in their tracks.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Document

Stop Debit Collectors with this Sample Letter…-Simple-Letter

Below are the conference calls Patriot did regarding Debt Collection. I urge you to listen to all the calls and not just the one there is a lot of information in each call.

Stopping Debt Collectors & Your Personal Security – September 8, 2011

On last night’s call, John Gliha, author of, “Winning the Collections Game,” explains both why you do not owe the money and how you may even be entitled to get paid because of the very fact they tried to collect from you.…0Nzk4NzgyNjY=1

August 23, 2011 – The Call #81 – Starts at 126:50
Highlights: Collection Information Starts at 126:50 -Dinar Update with Q &A
-Patriot discusses how to handle collection agencies who are harassing you…0Nzk4NzgyNjY=1