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1.16.14 #91 White Hat Auxiliary Report

Folks, remember, these are not the White Hats as stated in this letter but I post them because their information is yet another dot.  I know who this is and I know who some of the White Hats are.  In light of that, no one knows everything – no one person.  Now I am not saying that this is all true or all false – there are pieces both directions. (That of course is from the angle and info I have to work with)


by whitehatauxiliaries

Hello,This evening I had the pleasure of speaking to our White Hat contact by phone once again. The following is personally cleared by them for release to you. Please read this information very carefully. It will help you maintain a proper orientation as to the true nature of what is going to take place.

I started my call with the intention of ascertaining the general outcome of the meeting last week between our contact and a very senior official in world financial affairs. I am told the meeting went well and all remains in motion towards the final outcome, which is best described as the single largest financial transaction in the history of the world. In fact, it is so large that it will most likely hold that title for the next few centuries.
Let that sink in a moment. Don’t think that is just hyperbole. It is important to keep this in mind as you read further.
The details of the meeting, the parties, the content and results thereof, are not for discussion, and, even if it was, would certainly be above the pay grade of us all to understand or comprehend. These are things that are best left to those whose skills and expertise are utilized to keep the financial engines of the world running. It would not serve any purpose or benefit to us that such details would be plastered all over the guru forums and blogtalk radio shows as if it was some cheap gossip. The people working on these matters are not in the business of spreading sensationalism. They are currently in the business of achieving their stated goals and assigned tasks, to the benefit of the nations of Earth.Keep in mind what they are doing. Their actions are reversing 70 to 80 years of treaties, agreements, procedures, and agency involvement. Every agency on the planet has items that are affected by these changes. There are armies of lawyers coordinating actions of others on a world-wide basis, involving some 200 countries. This is not just a transaction involving the United States.

This leads us to cover some points that are being spread around in the various Internet talk shows and blogs. You should know, first of all, that nothing any of the current self-appointed “intel providers” say has any affect in delaying or otherwise altering the events that are going to transpire. Such pronouncements, such as the “RV” being delayed because too many people bought dinar as a result of something said on a call, are blatant nonsense, most likely stated in a way to falsely exaggerate the status of the persons making the claims in order to seem wise and expert. Such actions only cause unnecessary anxiety in the community and nothing more.

Most, if not all the “dinar intel” you hear in places such as TNT, is inaccurate. Such “intel” is not of valid origin and should be considered highly questionable.

Keep in mind that buying dinar, etc., is not really an investment. The net result,  post GCR, will be more like a windfall, surpassing any returns capable from such a small investment of capital in traditional markets. If the dinar comes in at $1.00, $2.00 or $3.00, it will place into your hands the kinds of funds for which you will want to seek professional guidance with. By all means, don’t wind up in the camp that will be broke 2 to 3 years later post GCR. Also, remember that you wont see $32 rates. That is pure nonsense. Any rates that are mentioned by gurus are simply guesses, at best. No such rate information from valid sources has been sanctioned for release through such persons like those who run the dinar blogs and chats.
As for the timing, I didn’t want to pester them for a date because such is impossible to know. Every attempt is being made to complete the matter, and when it does not complete, there is a valid reason, likely requiring changes or adjustments in the process at some point along the line. Given the complexity of this project, such changes require carefull attention. Just know that it is very close and everything is progressing. The event itself will transpire on a weekend or at the beginning of the week to prevent interruption of world commerce.Finally, I was humbled when the White Hats team, who read this blog, passed on their thanks to me personally, and by extension, all of you, for conducting yourselves as ladies and gentlemen and remaining dignified while many others stoop to abrasive and discourteous behavior to make their points. Please set good examples as readers of this blog, and remember, some of the people who are reading your words are the very same people to whom you will be very indebted to for making possible the changes needed to give you the chance at a better future.

Thank you all. And thank you to the White Hats for your relentless efforts on behalf of all people and nations.Stay tuned for more information as needed.