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10.21.12 A Interview with Tman of WhiteHats

Here is an interview with Tman of the White Hats.

It is interesting and you will learn some from it along with solidify your Dinar beliefs.

You will also hear him say that the Federal Reserve is not bad, it went bad when a few people took it over.  I have said this for the past couple years.  Most people think it is a bad entity but the entity was set up by the PTB.  When Bush and cronies really started taking over in it, that is when it went rogue.  We will always have a Fiat system of sort.  In this interview, he says he is not sure that it will get replaced or revamped.

Also be looking for the White Hats Report #48 coming out soon.  As Tman states, it will be their best yet and with solid evidence.

Enjoy the piece…