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1.16.13 The Best documentation of 9/11 facts yet

Good Day Readers:

I am going to give you something to watch that I found very interesting.  It is more circumstantial proof of the agenda behind 911.  Now I know that unless you have an understanding of the who’s who in person or business in America and abroad, it would be very difficult to understand many connections related to 911.  Here is an excellent well put together video of some facts behind 911.  It is 45 minutes long so if you don’t have time to watch it now, you know it will be here to watch later. Here is the link:

Like the Sandy Hook video I gave earlier unless we pass these things along, our peers and fellow Americans will not be educated with facts and will be told a completely different story to believe.  Give them other venues to consider and let truth resonate.  By awakening our peoples, we can get back that which we believe in.  So in other words, pass on these videos!!!

I hope to have an update for you in the next day or so on our elusive RV but I know we are getting much closer.  I want to remind you all that my post last June stated that Maliki  would be ousted before RV – this is looking more and more real now.  I can not take credit for knowing that but will give credit to those it is due as it looks imminent now.  Again maybe I an reveal more on this later.

Have a great day and know that there is only the moment we are in…..