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3.10.13 The Snake Bites

I am going to add some stuff while you read this Poof report.  It is not to stroke my Ego as I am not any smarter than any of you – I just had/have good friends.  Integrity the key to life or as as Liam Neeson said in the movie Rob Roy – its your Honor you must uphold.  I try.  I have “Good” friends.  Ratatap

Greetings and Salutations;

Anyone paying attention to what was happening in the world this past week, came to the conclusion, something was up and it was HUGE. Under the ‘dragon’ year, the dragon did what dragons do, rest on their gold and jewels, and fry anyone who attempts to steal them. We have entered the year of the snake, it has struck already and the howling that arose was like an atom bomb going off. The out going leadership in china, made the comment; ‘the corruption in the banks was being handled’. There’s no such thing as ‘too big to fail’. Especially when someone with a bigger club exists that can whup the bully’s butt. Someone made a comment the other day saying, ‘after 100+ years of running the show, bankers can’t hear the word No’. They have been like cockroaches and operate automatically. How much can you eat until you burst open, spilling your innards? I would make the same analogy about politicians.

The last time the owner of the particular bank visited, he cleaned out 240 quad of ill gotten gains and threw it into the pile to be distributed to humanity. If you have been following my blog, I made a comment not to long ago about certain people pulling huge amounts of money out of certain banks which bankrupted them or made them be swallowed up by a larger bank – Wachovia into Wells Fargo , Laymans going under etc.  There are people with more money than rothchilds, bushes, soros and other benevolent.  I don’t have the number for what got snatched out of there, this time…the howling spoke for itself. The cesspool was not silently stinking anymore . It was drained and went by way of the dodo bird. It went extinct. Basel 3 is the international banking law now. No country is exempt or can work around it, if they want to do business in the 21st century. The dragon even gobbled up the central banks around the world, they took the ‘head’. The mother of all central banks, the BIS. If you remember back to my June Blog, I mentioned that we could not RV at least until after the 16th of September.  That was the key date of a note due that the BIS could not pay.  It bankrupted them.  It took longer than expected but it is not run by the “Bad” guys any longer.  As in any foreclosure, it took a little time but it is done.  Also with this piece done, now we can bank again under a new system.  Still cleanup of sorts but the keys have switched hands.  No shots fired, tho some took a ‘pill’ and took themselves out of the equation. Nature causes change, the kind you can’t stop and you Will deal, one way or another. Make it the easy way or make it tough, you have free will. Make it easy on yourself. Was thinking of starting a group a few years ago called ‘hardaholics anonymous’ for people who choose a harder path for everything. You know the words, you will work by the sweat of your brow, etc, was a curse…time to get out from under the curse. Let your ‘work’ turn into your ‘joy’.

Today is a 10…it’s new beginnings. The ‘weather’ conditions are right for a lightning bolt out of the blue. The forces are in place and we are watching. The winds may be howling in some places but they are fat with anticipation. All things change, maybe not when you think they should…but, I cite a law, it’s called the ‘Law of Inevitability’. In other words, the conclusion is baked in, when something is started unless, things are adjusted along the way. Start a banking system based on reputation and air, it’s doomed to fail. Look at what happened to the roman empire. Morgan Stanley let it be known, they see us going to a metal backed system again. NO Duh. Real worth is the only way to go, it’s more natural. And you thought the folks in the rafters were just bowling or peeing thru the cracks telling you it’s raining. Nope, the big plan remains, that is making this planet paradise again. They just had to use those D9s and get the folks out of the way who wanted Mad Max world.

Take a look at what the european brain trusts think. They are crunching numbers but, somethings are a bit more subtle than the numbers

Consultations are available until the end.

Leap forward! Turn your back on the past and leave your butts behind you.

Love and Kisses,


We are there and not because I or Poof say so but because we are!!!!!!  Just a wee bit longer for it to “Show”.