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9.19.14 More evidence

Good Day My Readers:

It was in one of the last posts that I pointed out that fiat is fiat and that our GCR/RV is just another form albeit just a little better than what we have.

Here is an article pointing out specifically what is happening and how they are making it happen.  Read it carefully.

Now if you are part of the RV, then one has to really think what to do with ones funds.  I am not here to tell you nor will I.  What I do want you all to realize is that you better get into hard assets or be on top of the game being played to us.  This will be a full time job for some that hold large amounts.  Diversify diversify diversify is what I have learned from my own experiences and most of all, OWN NOTHING and it cant be taken away from you.  

I am expecting the RV to show itself to the masses most anytime now.  There have been so many backroom deals that I doubt anyone knows them all.  Hopefully they are done now but time will tell that one.

Prepare yourselves my friends.  


P.S. I am not sure how long I will continue this blog but if you have been following it, you can get the same information yourselves from the sites I post.  I just made it easy for you by putting it in all the same place and sending out notices when it is posted – remember that should I shut down.