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4.15.14 Casper Update

One might ask why I am posting Casper after not for a couple years.  The answer, there is a tidbit in there you need to recognize.  The new system is not going to fix the old – it will put a new face on it and Casper recognizes it as do some of my readers.  Fiat is Fiat and as long as it is percentage based and not 100% backed (10% is the new backing) then we still have a fiat system.  Plan well my friends.  

P.S. I always liked Wendy and miss her reports.



A brief update regarding Wendy’s status:

Today marks one hundred sixty nine days Wendy has been in the hospital. With help she managed to stand up two weeks ago. Since then she has been able to move about a little bit using a walker. She anticipates being ‘discharged’ within a week and will have physical therapy three times each week in her home. Thank god she has a dear friend who is staying with her mother-in-law and will help ease Wendy’s return to her residence. Her medical/hospital bills are astronomical and will be paid by Medicaid. She is convinced, as I was during my own medical crisis a couple of years ago, that your prayers have greatly influenced her recovery from an incredible ordeal.

Wendy is so grateful for those of you who were able to send financial help. It was not a large amount of money but it came at such a critical moment. Now she is to arrive home to continue her rehab there while facing unpaid utility bills and the like. If you are moved to help further please send a contribution to the Bellringer’s Foundation as before. Small gifts add up quickly so no amount is too small. And please, please, continue to remember her in your prayers.

As for an update, I am often inclined to write but without Wendy to access our e-mail list and to ‘launder’ (offshore servers) our updates which go also to such as the World Court and other VIP places, I have been hesitant to do so. As usual our intel does not agree with most others anyway so WE have remained quiet while watching The Guru’s and other messengers ‘run with the ball’. Our intel is so different from theirs which has been true for many years. Our banking contacts, for example, can not confirm huge movements of funds into place to fund any R.V.. As often reported over the years they can ‘see into’ the Fed Res Banking System. Our contacts in Asia who are holders of ‘Historical Bonds’ say they have not redeemed their bonds nor have they received an invitation from the U.S. or The Fed to do so. Regarding the IMF Code of Reforms WE view this as an attempted hand over of our National Sovereignty to the United Nations (IMF) as explained in our last updates, October and/or September. Several Republicans such as McCain and Corker were willing to join with the Senate Democrats in this endeavor but in the end, after Boehner’s very public statement saying the Republicans in the House would not go along, Reid removed this rider to the Ukraine aid package in the Senate saying he didn’t have the votes after all, thereby saving his colleagues the public identification of which Senators wanted to kick the Fed’s printing of thin air money and computer digits to the higher level of Worldwide Thin Air Fiat Debt Consolidation Money via SDR’s. The American people would remain the debtor, the U.N./IMF the creditor.  No politician or media person, to the best of our knowledge, ever explained this oh so secret true purpose of which Obama, Lew and the IMF  were the designers. As WE asked you in previous updates, are your R.V. exchanges (pay-offs) so important to you that you would personally go along with the handover of our country to a centrally controlled (via SDR’s) Communist New World Order? Are you answering for your children also, and your grandchildren? Remember what brother Amchell said? Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not, etc.? Moving their Fraudulent Financial Playpen to the next higher level, to the NWO’s World Currency, is a hell of a price to pay for a new Cadillac.

As WE reported so many times, there are teams of professional LIARS , dis-info teams, working inside Treasury and the Agencies, around the clock. They are well paid and take pride in their work which is to Lie and Miss-lead.  Today some ‘Guru’s’ brag about getting their ‘inside intel’ from this cesspool of evil. WE have confronted them several times asking why they would literally torture innocent people they have never even met. Their answer, always the same, ‘we are doing what we are paid to do’. Perhaps you might look back to previous updates archived at Fourwinds as so many things reported there have now become visible.

WE contacted and spoke with four Exchangers of Dinar. Three said their Dinar comes from the CBI of course,  but ‘there is a middle person’. The fourth said he is getting his Dinar from Treasury. If the Dinar being sold to the public worldwide and especially in the U.S. is provided by Treasury and/or Bush, then the R.V. is a government sponsored Ponzi Scheme with Lew playing middle man. Our very first update on this R.V. subject 18 or more months ago quoted our sources as saying exactly that. If true ‘they’ must have raised hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars by now for the purpose of retaining their fraudulent financial playpen and maintaining themselves in power. WE do not wish to be right about this but neither are WE inclined to bury our heads in the sand or to depend upon information coming from the residence of Satan himself. Why would the U.S., or anyone for that matter, be selling unlimited amounts of Dinar to the public at 1166/1  then buying it back soon (exchanging) at $30.00 to one or even $3.00 to one??

From time to time the Nesara web-site has posted intel regarding the demise of the Corporation and our return to the Constitution rather than our being ruled by Corporate Puppets, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and Presidential Executive Orders and,  once again issuing our own Sovereign Gold Backed Currency on which we do not pay 500 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN INTEREST to the privately owned Fed Res banking Cartel. This is what we should be praying for night and day.

This ‘non-update’ update is longer than anticipated already so let’s go back to watching the play by play reporting of the Guru’s and hope they will be able to ‘spit the hooks’ intentionally inserted into their mouths by those whose lies are responsible for so many damaged lives over the years.

If you can please send a few bucks to Wendy. She deserves your help.