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12.6.13 Bix on Bitcoin and my two cents…

Hi All:

Well Bitcoin took a wild wild ride today and I watched it all during the CC call with Tony.  Most do not even know what Bitcoin is or do not follow it enough to know what it can and will do for the future.  When you understand the significance of what it is and how it can operate, you will be one of the community I assure you.  The rides like today are not for the weak and are only meant to scare off the uneducated – don’t let it.  Even Bix sees it for what it is.  

I will be doing more on Bitcoin as we go along – I may even start a separate blog where I will be much more involved as I am with Bitcoin.  Anyway, here is Bix and I ask that you educate yourselves on Bitcoin – it is a safe haven compared to the cabal banking system.  Once you understand it you can’t help but see that.

Bix: Road to Roota

You knew that “they” wouldn’t have let so much bullish Bitcoin info go out on the Mainstream Media without them doing SOMETHING about it. So after all the set up…now comes “Operation Slam Bitcoin”! It is estimated that the government/banking cabal controls close to 1M Bitcoin and all they have to do is dump a bunch of coins on an exchange at the same moment to crash the price.

And so they are! You can watch it all happen here:

(*Rumor has it this is the liquidation of the Silk Road confiscated coins.)
But when it’s over the Bad Guys will get their headlines…
“Bitcoin Bubble Pops!”
That’s exactly what they want.
All the reports that it is China that is getting out of Bitcoin are bogus. You can tell this from the fiatleak site… EVERYTHING is being dumped on Mt. Gox in the USA.
The price of Bitcoin will continue to be volatile on the ups and downs until mid 2030 when the last coin is mined.
How long can this price smash go on? Until they run out of coins. But then they are stuck with no ammo to control the price! The next coin bid will spring back to the valuation pre-rigging operation.
The Bad Guys want to scare people away from Bitcoin but I think the only people they are scaring away are those who have never bought a Bitcoin in their lives! They will kick themselves for falling for the obvious bankster operation.
Yay..more coins for us!
In the meanwhile…ENJOY THE RIDE!
I will be posting a very important interview about Bitcoin this afternoon.
Stay warm out there and have fun watching the Bad Guys dump all their Bitcoins!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir