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9.8.13 I witnessed something bazaar

Hello Friends:

I am posting a few photos which don’t even begin to show the extent of how bazaar this event was.  By the time I realized what was happening and then going into the house to find the dang camera, the best shots were gone.  Non the less, I am not here to promote anything conspiratorial but to lend evidence to something that happened and that I personally witnessed.

I was mowing our yard and noticed in the sky this dark tunnel from east to west – no planes – no nothing – it just simply appeared.  Then moments later where you see the white trail start at the bottom is where I witnessed a bomber plane swoop in and start to emit white smoke which in turn filled the black tunnel.  You can see where the white starts and that is where the plane went into this and started emitting white smoke.  It was going the exact same direction or path if you will as the dark tunnel.  Mind you the black tunnel went clear across the sky and had no white in it when I first saw it.

I tried to get the camera fast enough to capture this plane in the tunnel but it was gone by the time I returned outside with the camera.  These are the only photos I could get of the event.

Anyways, not sure what the heck it was all about but it was really cool to witness.  Even my daughter asked me when seeing it what it could have been.

I am not sure what caused the black tunnel but it was obvious the plane was filling it with the white smoke or whatever in perfect correlation to the black tunnel.

Just thought I would share and wish you could have seen it happen.

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