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10.5.11The End Game and The Road Trip

 10.5.11The End Game and The Road Trip

 I’ve been saying we are in the “Hot Zone” when it relates to the global monetary crash. This has been an appropriate label but if over the last few months we have been in the “Hot Zone” then over the next few weeks we will <b>BURST INTO FLAMES!</b>

Please review this interview I gave back in February…
Your final preparations should be complete by now and you should be braced for the coming CHAOS.
I have posted the Friday Road Trip for Private Road Members here:

Topics this week include:
JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Charges Imminent
Military Joining the Ranks To Help “We The People” in Occupy Wall Street
Is The President Finally Going to Side With The Good Guys?
The Ron Paul/Sarah Palin Presidential Ticket
These are crazy days my friends but for now…have a nice weekend and May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir