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7.2.13 Danny Danny Danny……

Dear Readers:

Well I am sure by now you all have heard the hoopla of the Danny and Tony split.  It is a shame to say the least.  I have had some ask what I will do and to be honest, I am not sure.

On the one hand, I am very grounded and have sources above any of these guys BUT those sources do not do the day to day management on the three letter agency levels or even lower as in street level.  They are again in charge of correcting the system and with that are in direct association of certain assets that make any of this RV – PPS or GS possible.  It is with this “Limited” knowledge that I have to put dots together with other people that are not even on PTR or even a part of the RV to gain insight on where we are at.  Add this to PTR’s info and the picture becomes clearer but obviously not precise.   I then compare notes with the 6th floor.

Gary has very good contacts and I truly appreciate Gary- we have talked and compared a note or two.  He is a very diplomatic person such as Tony.  I plan on seeing Gary someday should he accept the visitation – I suspect he will for various reasons.  Gary is a good man.

Tony is obviously a class act and even in this great divide, he has held his composure with out any bashing – that says so much about a man.  Tony is also obviously connected with many sources.  Some I have had to disagree with knowing certain things not to be accurate and others info has helped me put together other dots in the big picture.  So I like hearing Tony’s info – I am a big boy and don’t need edited info.  

I must say, I have never heard Dan bring any info and I am being serious.  While I think he is a take control guy and that is why PTR was able technically to grow so big, I feel without Gary or Tony, there would not be much to offer on the site.  So it will be interesting to see how they will keep people interested with simple facts that cannot be divulged and therefore leaving the question of what to talk about – not sure.   I guess we can still get our 15 minutes of why not to listen to other “Gurus” but then again maybe we will get more Gary time – I truly do like Gary Time!

So moving forward, “IF” we do not see our RV very soon, (I am personally expecting any moment and from many sources not Tony’s) then I will have to decide if Gary is worth $14.95 a month.  To me he probably is but then I can pick up the phone and call him and have a real conversation with him unedited.  

I believe we need to see where certain individuals go.  There are many good people on PTR but without some of the member audience, PTR will not have much to offer.  I already know of many “Good” ones leaving unfortunately.

So as Goodyboy said in a post, take a day or two and reason with yourself and weigh the decision.   It is always good to take time when making a major decision and I believe this to be one.   PTR had a heck of a good resource in its members – sometimes better resources than what the MODS or Owners had to offer on certain subjects.   

To Gary and Dan, I hope you can keep it together – it was a good thing.  It maybe still can be.  Time will tell as Tony always says.

Many asked my opinion – there you have it……I like all of them and prefer two of them and wish those two would put something together – now that would be a site.  All the info without the rhetoric.

Of course this is only my opinion….


P.S. If you have not heard Tony’s call yet, here it is:

7.2.13 Tony’s 10 Am recorded call: (559)726-1399 CODE 409029

Don’t sweat to much because this is seriously almost done.